These 4 Food Lists Can't Just Be Mixed, It's Really Delicious... But Can Be Poisoned!


Sometimes we love to innovate, mix this and that, to find a new, more different sensation. For example, mixing various ingredients you have at home, for later consumption.

If we are lucky, we can find a good taste of the innovations that we do. But if you are not lucky, be prepared you will shudder in horror because the taste is not as imagined.

But do you know if there are some ingredients or a list of foods that actually can't be mixed. Not without reason, this is because the content of the two ingredients will be contradictory and can actually make you poisoned!

Duh... to avoid this, let's look at the list of foods that shouldn't be mixed here!

1. Banana and Milk

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits. In addition to its delicious and sweet taste, this one fruit is also suitable to be combined with a variety of foods. But it's not suitable when mixed with milk you know!

Banana milkshake, for example, although delicious, sweet, and refreshing, it turns out that banana milkshakes can inhibit the digestive process and disrupt sleep patterns. In addition, this will result in the formation of toxins and allergies.

Reporting from, you can add a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon if you want to make a banana milkshake. This is to stimulate digestion.

2. Yogurt and Fruits

Many people are now starting to switch to a healthier life, one of which is now being consumed a lot is the smoothie bowl. Usually, to make this one healthy food, there is a mixture of yogurt and fruit as desired.

Although it can produce a delicious taste, this mixture of yogurt and fruit can be toxic, you know! The reason is, the bacteria contained in yogurt will work on the sugar in the fruit. Reactions that occur from this mixture will produce toxins, colds, and allergies.

Alternatively, we can add raisins to the yogurt or add honey and cinnamon for added flavor. Mixing this won't be a big problem.

3. Pasta and Tomatoes

Pasta and tomatoes, this food ingredient is a delicious mixture, isn't it? But unfortunately, this mixture can be dangerous you know!

According to, tomatoes have an acid that weakens the enzymes in the pasta, thickening the milk in the cheese. This can interfere with digestive problems. As an alternative, you can use pesto sauce which is safe to use for pasta.

4. Tea and Milk

The next mixture of food ingredients that can produce a good taste is tea and milk. Hayo... surely you can't resist the delicious and fresh milk tea? But unfortunately, this mixture can be dangerous for you, you know!

Because, tea has a content that is beneficial for the body. But when mixed with milk, the high protein and calcium substances in it reduce or even eliminate the benefits of tea itself.

If consumed in excess and every day, this can cause several health problems ranging from the formation of kidney stones, heart attacks, to damage the immune system. Duh...

That's the list of dangerous foods when mixed. Indeed all four can produce a good taste, but if it can be dangerous, why not?

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