There are still many who are trapped in fraudulent investments, check the following tips so you don't become the next victim!


Cases of fraudulent investment apparently also resurfaced throughout 2021 with various modes.

Anyone has the potential to get caught up in it. In fact, you may also be being persuaded by your closest people to join a certain investment, which is actually a scam... Potentially fraudulent.

Features of Stupid Investments

Huge Returns

What makes many people interested is because the funds offered are so large and stable. Even somewhat irrational, you know! Therefore you need to be careful when you get an offer like that. Quoting , fraudulent investments sometimes use ponzi schemes or money games.

Asked to Hire New People

This usually cannot be separated from the characteristics of fraudulent investments. Especially if it is forced or mandatory. Instead of getting worse, it's better if you get out immediately if you're already in!

Legality and Unclear Business Model

It is important for you to know the legality and business model as a potential investor. The goal is clear to minimize risk. Legality means officially registered.

And a clear business model means that it makes sense to you that why the business can be profitable for investors. However, if your friend who invites you can't explain how the business model is clearly but still seems to insist on asking you to join, then you should be suspicious.

Tips To Do

After knowing the characteristics of fraudulent investments, as a potential investor you also need to look for the company's track record. For example, by checking it on Google, how is the news about it.

Before entrusting your money, it's also a good idea to invest in yourself. Namely by reading various trusted books about investment and attending seminars held from trusted people or communities.

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