The Key to a Lasting Relationship: Stop Prestige to Apologize First, let's do these 4 ways to be more sincere!

 In relationships sometimes there are times when we and our partners have different opinions. But most couples are embarrassed to apologize first because of their prestige and feel innocent. In fact, when they both want to lower their egos, then the solution to every problem can be found immediately.

This also actually applies not only in relationships with partners, but also with family and friends. However, apologizing with your partner tends to be more difficult for some people. Especially if your partner is already angry or cranky, then you need the right way so that the situation doesn't get worse.

If you also often find it difficult to apologize sincerely and appropriately to your partner, consider the 4 tips below!

1. Throw Prestige and Lower Your Ego

The most important thing before being able to apologize sincerely is to get rid of the prestige as far as possible and lower the ego. If you always feel right and oblige your partner to apologize first, then the relationship will feel uncomfortable.

2. Admit Mistakes and Regrets

Regardless of who is at fault, there is nothing wrong if you start admitting your mistakes first. Express your apologies along with regret. Make sure that when apologizing, as much as possible avoid reasons such as blaming others or other reasons that can make things worse.

3. Responsible

Every time we make a mistake, there are consequences we must accept. Therefore, try to do something to correct your mistake earlier.

For example, if you hurt your partner's feelings by yelling at him, say sorry and do something to comfort his feelings. Because for some people, just saying sorry is not enough to treat heartache.

4. Promise to Fix it

Forgiveness is not an easy matter, especially if the mistakes that have been made have happened many times. Therefore, once you are forgiven, promise him that you will not do it again. Also make sure that your speech is not just a promise, but also accompanied by real action.

Those are 4 ways to sincerely apologize to your partner. Remember, about apologizing, you don't have to pay attention to who is wrong and who is right. Because if you only focus on this, then no one will want to give in and eventually the relationship will become tenuous.

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