The Disconnected Kite Series Successfully Drains the Emotion of the Audience! But Can Cheating Men Change? This Expert Explanation...

 Recently, the series Layangan Putus has succeeded in becoming one of the most widely discussed shows. The film, which was played by Putri Marino, Reza Rahadian, and Anya Geraldine, captured the public's attention because it carried a story about infidelity.

In each of its newest episodes, the series which is inspired by true stories that went viral a few years ago has always succeeded in draining the emotions of the audience. From the many stories of Kites Breaking up, there is one big question that is often asked, namely can a man who likes having an affair change or repent?

Answering this, let's look at the explanations of the experts as reported from various sources.

According to Relationship Experts, Depends on Himself

As reported by the Professor's House, a relationship expert said whether or not a husband can change after an affair lies in each of them.

We need to know that the relationship and every form of infidelity is different. There are many reasons why a man cheats on another woman.

There are those who commit infidelity just to increase their ego. Some of them feel a lack of sexual satisfaction at home. Then, there are also those who just want to test their adrenaline.

Therefore, the cause of this infidelity must be found first. Furthermore, whether or not the man changes back to himself.

According to research, depending on the husband's response to infidelity

Still from the same source, can a man who has cheated on him repent?

According to research which has been summarized in a book entitled "The Truth About Cheating: Why Men Stray and What You Can Do To Prevent It", reveals the fact that a woman plays a major role in determining whether a man who has cheated on can be trusted again or not.

If a husband does not show remorse then you need to be suspicious because he might do it again in the future.

According to Clinical Counselors, If He Can't Introspect, They Can Cheat Again

Reporting from Romantific, the Clinical Counselor, Dr. Ivankovich says if your partner doesn't show self-awareness, blames others for their actions, and thinks others are better than their partner then there's a good chance they will do it again.

"If the person is still blaming their ex or failing to evaluate their reasons, thinking someone else is a better answer than their partner, there's a high chance they will cheat again."

Those are some answers from experts to answer frequently asked questions, related to "can a man who has cheated on him change?". So what do you think, does someone who has cheated deserve a second chance or do you believe that he can do it again in the future?

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