The Best Sex Positions for Men with Small Penis

 In sex, penis size is not the only thing that affects partner satisfaction. Stamina, endurance and romantic treatment can also make couples happier and more satisfied. If a husband has a relatively small penis, sex style can still be maximized if done in the right position.

The following are some recommended sex positions for men with small penises to make playing in bed more enjoyable.

Men's Standing Position

Sex positions with men standing and women supine on the bed to make control is completely in the man. Let the wife's legs are on the shoulders to make this sex position more comfortable to do. With this sex style, the husband can also maximize the movement of the hips while stimulating the clitoris or breasts.


Missionary sex positions can be a mainstay to make husbands and wives equally satisfied during sex. With this lovemaking style, the clitoris will be stimulated when the penetration process occurs. The missionary position also makes the relationship more intense and romantic because you and your partner can stare at each other during sex.

Doggy Style

Menngging sex position is also suitable for men with small penises. This sex position will allow the husband to maximize the movement of the hips. In addition, the penis can also go deeper and make the wife more satisfied.

Facts about Men with Small Penis

Having a small penis is not an obstacle to satisfy your wife. Many experts have revealed that the location of the g-spot, or sensitive point on the vagina, is only a few centimeters from the outside of the vagina. That is, a large or small penis can both stimulate this point.

Before exploring sex styles, make sure you and your partner have communicated what you like or don't like. Don't let the sex positions you do make one party feel uncomfortable and eventually cause problems for future relationships.

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