The 3 Most Important Things That Must Be Prepared When Studying Abroad, Have You Done?


Studying abroad is one of the biggest dreams for almost everyone. It is undeniable, studying abroad can be a big and memorable experience that you can remember for a lifetime.

You can meet and connect with people from different parts of the world with their diversity and uniqueness, appreciate other cultures, live the challenges of living in other countries, and gain a greater perspective on the wider world. After you are successfully accepted to continue your study abroad, you need to prepare everything carefully, especially if this is your first time living in another country.

Different environments and cultures, different costs of living, different learning systems, and various other things are worth considering. Therefore, here are some things that you must prepare well in addition to being independent and mastering foreign languages.

1. Prepare a Financial Budget

The first and most important thing when preparing to study abroad is to prepare a financial budget. Even though you get a scholarship, you will definitely spend money for other purposes that are not covered by the scholarship itself. In addition to tuition fees, make sure you have estimated and prepared a budget or living costs while you live in another country.

2. Prepare Important Documents

As a foreign citizen who will continue his studies abroad, you will need original documents from the country to fulfill various technical requirements. Documents that you must prepare include a passport, student visa, proof of financial ability, and other important documents.

For the record, because passports and student visas cannot be obtained instantly, you should take care of these two documents as soon as you decide to continue your study abroad.

3. Have Health Insurance

No one is spared from the threat of an unexpected accident. America, Australia, England, are examples of some countries that require international students to have health insurance. What you should know is that medical care in many countries is not free.

Without adequate health insurance, you run the risk of facing huge bills if you get sick or have an accident. You can choose health insurance recommended by the university or you can also choose your own insurance provider, as long as the health insurance policy purchased is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the university.

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