Take a peek at the best and most popular Christmas markets in the world, some have been held since 1928, you know!


Christmas has arrived, there are many traditions around the world to commemorate this special day. One common tradition to get in the festive spirit is a visit to the Christmas market. The concept of this Christmas market turns out to have its own history, you know.

The Christmas market concept originated in Munich, Germany, Weihnachtsmarkt and started around 1310. However, more than 700 years later, this Christmas market concept has become a global phenomenon and an important part of festive celebrations for many people.

From there, the Christmas market was enlivened and held in other countries. Here are some of the best Christmas markets around the world that can be enjoyed year after year. Come on, take a peek!

Germany - Weihnachtsmarkt Am Kölner Dom

As the first country to carry the concept of a Christmas market, Germany is certainly not to be missed. The market in Cologne is arguably the most popular due to its magnificent cathedral backdrop. There's a lot to see and buy at this Christmas market, from local food, wood carvings, tree decorations, and handmade gifts, all of which are sure to cheer you up for Christmas.

Vienna - Magic of Advent

Vienna in December is really thick with Christmas atmosphere. Elegant architecture, sparkling lights, pine trees, snow, no wonder Vienna is called the best Winter Wonderland. There are various Christmas markets here, but the main one is located in front of Schönbrunn Palace which creates a truly lovely atmosphere.

You can try traditional Christmas dishes at this Christmas market, such as melange coffee and gingerbread. The market has a large Christmas tree, live music, workshops for children and various stalls for local treats. In addition, another Christmas market that you can visit is in front of the City Hall Rathaus which has been held since 1928. Amazing!

Strasbourg, France – Christkindelsmärik

Strasbourg located in Eastern France is home to one of the oldest Christmas markets in Europe which first took place in 1570. Today there are 10 locations with 300 stalls offering a variety of traditional cuisine to Christmas paraphernalia. Make sure you visit Place Kleber to see the towering Great Christmas Tree which is one of the icons of this market.

One of the things that makes this Christmas market so luxurious is Strasbourg's location right across the border from Germany. So if you visit this Christmas market, you will get to experience two different cultures.

Brussels, Belgium – Plaisirs d'Hiver

Brussels' Plaisirs d'Hiver Christmas Market which means Winter Wonder will make you feel at home for hours. Because in this market you can find handmade candles, children's toys, leather goods, and very interesting Christmas trinkets.

Not only that, but another attraction is traditional Belgian food such as Belgian waffles and chocolates, scallops, artisanal sausages, cheese, Belgian bread and French fries. Very lively, this market is also equipped with ice skating rink, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round and giant skating.

Manchester, England – Albert Square

The Christmas Market in Albert Square is an experience not to be missed. With 300 stalls divided into sections with an ice rink at Cathedral Gardens, you'll have a full day at this location.

You can also get everything from handicrafts to delicacies from across Europe such as bavarian strudels (cakes with fruit filling) or French crêpes to German Flammkuchen (a kind of pizza with cheese and bacon) or Manchester's signature grilled cheese sandwich. Enjoy!

Singapore – Christmas Wonderland

In Southeast Asia, to be precise, neighboring countries also have lively Christmas markets. Singapore has an annual Christmas Wonderland that started in 2014. Located in the iconic Gardens by the Bay, rows of luminary statues light up the market and provide a magical backdrop. Santa figurines, ornaments, snowballs, and parades will get you in the mood for Christmas!

That's the row of the best iconic Christmas markets in the world, each country has a different concept and decoration. What do you think, which Christmas market will you visit first?

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