Take a peek at 7 Christmas Traditions in England, Save them for now because there are things that could become tourist destinations later!


Christmas celebrations are synonymous with lively celebrations. Usually the atmosphere in malls and tourist attractions is also lively and colorful.

This Christmas, it's likely that you still have to celebrate it at home, for the sake of security regarding the conditions that are still a pandemic.

Next, who knows you will celebrate in England! First, check out some of the Christmas traditions there, which are summarized from the British Embassy Jakarta.

Christmas Lights

Christmas is synonymous with twinkling lights. Usually entering Christmas, starting around mid-November, beautiful lights have been lit in every village and main street of big cities.

Christmas Market

The Christmas Market is a night market that is open during the holiday season by serving a variety of interesting knick-knacks, entertainment, and delicious food. Almost every city has a Christmas Market such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh and others. Which one is your target to visit?

Christmas Ice Rinks

Who likes ice skating? In the UK, ice skating is usually open around November to mid-January every year. Don't forget, after that drink hot chocolate so you don't catch a cold! hihi...

Stockings on Christmas Eve

Socks are big enough to hold gifts, hung by the fire. Because small children believe the socks will be filled with gifts from Santa Claus which they have been waiting for.

Queen's Speech

Every year, people in the UK will turn on the TV at 3pm on Christmas to watch the message from the Queen. The first time this tradition began in 1932 during the era of King George V.

Christmas Dinner

On Christmas Day, families will usually gather and have dinner together. The menu is famous and so a subscription is roast turkey. Also of course with a variety of other delicious foods such as Christmas pudding, pies, and so on.

Boxing Day

Originally Boxing Day was a celebration where workers received gifts from their employers or employers, to give to their families. But at this point it refers more to British Black Friday or shopping time.

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