Take a moment, here are 3 important things you should think about before the turn of the year


2022 is just a matter of hours, here! Maybe right now you are busy celebrating New Year's Eve with your loved ones with various activities, whether it's a barbeque party, movie marathon, or just chatting with each other.

Before the turn of the year, it's a good idea to get away from the crowd for a while and take a moment to yourself. At this time, you can do self-reflection to reflect on what you have been through over the past year.

Here are three things you can think about when doing self-reflection before the turn of the year. Come on, see!


During this year, there must be so many things happening in life, be it good or bad. If you don't have time to write it down in a journal, you just need to find a room or corner that makes you comfortable for self-reflection.

For starters, you can flashback to any fun incident that happened. For example, you might get a job after being unemployed for a long time, get a raise, or it might simply be finding a new hobby. This happy event can make you think positively and become more optimistic.

But of course life is not just about happy things. All humans on this earth do not escape from the name of sadness. It can be hard to relive the painful things that happened throughout the year, but understand that they are here to make you a stronger person than before.

Let go of the bad and turn over a new leaf

Even though you may still have the same routine in the new year, you can still turn over a new leaf in the coming year. Not a few who take advantage of the momentum of the new year to do things that were previously only planned. Make sure the resolution isn't just a resolution!

In the new year, allow yourself to let go of the bad things that have passed, and also allow yourself to welcome various opportunities and good things into life. Focus on the present and don't let the bad things in the past year continue to haunt you.


Maybe you've often heard quotes that say, "gratitude is the best attitude". Yup, gratitude is the best attitude you can have in life. Because with diligent gratitude, you can feel more positive and happy.

Try to sit in the most comfortable position, catch your breath, close your eyes, and think about the things you can be grateful for this time of year. Appreciate everything you have, including the little things that you may often miss. Important things that you can be grateful for for example health, family, friends, security, time, and much more.

Those are some things you can think about while doing self-reflection on New Year's Eve. Hopefully in the coming year, you can become a better person. Happy new year!

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