Surprise! These are 5 Cool and Sophisticated WhatsApp 'Secret' Features, Have You Ever Tried It?


WhatsApp is one of the favorite applications for exchanging messages today. Its minimalistic appearance and easy-to-use features make it the most popular instant messaging app in the world. Well, apart from a series of features that are commonly used, it turns out that there are still some 'secret' features that may not be widely known and used, here!

The features provided by WhatsApp are quite diverse. One feature that you may not know about is the disappearing messages feature which has just been upgraded. There is also a starred messages feature, export chat, and much more which seems to be rarely used by WhatsApp users.

Come on, see the following review to find out the 'secret' features of WhatsApp!

Disappearing Messages

The first 'secret' feature is disappearing messages. This feature can make messages disappear automatically. Previously, WhatsApp only provided a message that disappeared after 7 days. However, this feature has been upgraded, so users are given two other options, namely 24 hours and 90 days.

To activate the disappearing messages feature is also fairly easy. You just need to open the contact you want to apply this feature to. Then, click on the contact's name at the top of the screen and press the "disappearing messages" option and select "on".

Once activated, the message will disappear automatically, but the image sent is stored in the phone of the sender and recipient.

Custom Notification Sounds

For those of you who often receive incoming messages via WhatsApp when you are busy, you may feel lazy to check the message because it can interfere with concentration. However, what if the incoming message comes from a very important person? Whether it's a boss in the office, a supervisor, or maybe a family.

Well, you can take advantage of this WhatsApp feature! You can set different notification sounds when messages come in different contacts. To enable it on Android, select the "Menu" icon, then select "View Contact" and go to "Custom Notification" and check the contacts and settings section.

This feature can also be used for iPhone users. The trick is to enter the contact name, then select Custom Tone.

Export Chat

The export chat feature allows WhatsApp users to export a copy of chat history, both from individual and group chats. The method is also easy, for Android users, just press the "Menu" button then select "More> Export Chat". As for iPhone users, tap the contact name and scroll down the screen until you find Contact Info. Next, select "Export Chat".

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