Success in cutting weight to 50 kg, this is the secret of Adele's 'Sirtfood Diet'


The appearance of the beautiful singer Adele after not being seen in public for a long time has successfully surprised many people. This is because his body shape is considered different from before. It is known that Adele managed to lose 20 kg of weight, until now she only weighs 50 kg.

Adele's diet secret was revealed, so far she has been on a diet called the 'sirtfood diet'. So what exactly is Adele's sirtfood diet that she successfully lived to reach her ideal weight? Then how to be able to go on a diet like the singer of the song 'Easy on Me'?

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What is the Sirtfood Diet?

Sirtfood diet turned out to be an alternative to lose weight in a healthy way. This sirtfood diet comes from foods that contain sirtuin or a type of protein that is beneficial for the body, such as regulating metabolism as well as inflammation. The content of this one also turned out to be good to choose as a choice of diet program.

Food Ingredients in the Sirtfood Diet

There are various foods that contain sirtuin in this sirtfood diet. Usually these food ingredients will be selected as a daily diet menu. When undergoing a diet program like Adele's, one must limit the amount of calorie intake each day.

Reporting from the same page, to do this diet you can only consume 1000-1500 calories, you know. Food ingredients that can be processed as a sirtfood diet menu include seeds, strawberries, berries, kale, parsley, onions, to drinks such as coffee, green tea, and chocolate.

Sirtfood Healthy Menu Recipe

Although there are various food ingredients that can be processed into a diet menu, most of these sirtfood diets consist of green smoothies or green juices. Usually in this diet the consumption of green juice is counted as one to three times a day.

Well, to make it easier for those of you who want to try starting this diet, there is a green juice recipe that you can try.

Quoting from Healthline, this green juice recipe can be made at home. Check out the recipe below!

enough water

75 gr kale

30 gr arugula

5 gr parsley

2 celery sticks

1 cm ginger

half green apple

squeeze half a lemon

half teaspoon green (matcha)

Separate the lemon juice and green tea. Puree all ingredients using a blender machine. When it is poured into a glass, add the lemon juice and green tea. Stir until smooth, healthy green juice is ready to be consumed.

The First Phase of the Diet

After knowing the sirtfood diet in general, it's time to find out also about the process in the diet program. Still reported from Healthline, Adele's diet consists of two phases that can be lived. The first phase which lasted 7 days was divided into two stages.

The first stage is the first 3 days by limiting calorie intake to 1,000 per day and balanced by consuming green juice three times a day. On the 4th day onwards, the calories increase to 1,500 but still add green juice to the menu.

The Second Phase of the Diet

If you have done the first phase, you can move on to the second phase. This stage lasts for 2 weeks, but there is no specific limit on how many calories should be consumed. Although there is no calorie limit, you must maintain a healthy diet by choosing a diet menu made of sirfood ingredients.

In addition, the intake of green juice also still has to be consumed every day. To help when choosing a sirtfood diet menu recipe, you can buy a special book that discusses Adele's diet or consult a nutritionist. Good luck!

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