Stop Dirty! These are 3 Important Reasons Why You Should Wash New Clothes Before Wearing


Shopping for new clothes is an exciting thing for some people. Not infrequently, so excited, some people choose to immediately use the new clothes they bought from the store. Have you ever done it? Or maybe it's always been that way?

If "yes", it seems that you should break the habit right now. Because, what you are doing will only increase health risks, especially for the health of your skin. Quoted from The Spruce, there are at least three good and important reasons to wash new clothes before wearing them. Check out his review below.

Additional Dye Contamination

Not infrequently clothing manufacturers add additional synthetic dyes to get the desired color, and this dye can stick to the skin, you know, Beauties. Azo-aniline is a type of synthetic dye that is often found in clothing.

Unfortunately, this dye can also cause severe skin reactions for some people, especially young children, who are allergic to it. If the allergy is severe, the rash will be similar to a reaction to poison ivy.

Bacteria, Fungi and Insects

Clothing in stores, especially display clothing, is likely to be picked up and tried on by other visitors. Therefore, the chance of exchanging bacteria and viruses is very likely to occur in clothes in stores. Coupled with the dressing room can be a breeding ground for everything. Are you sure you want to take that risk?

Chemical Irritant

Finally, no less important than the two points above for washing new clothes is to remove chemical coatings such as urea-formaldehyde. A synthetic chemical used by clothing manufacturers to improve texture and reduce wrinkles.

Maybe the effects of chemical contamination don't happen to everyone, but if you have sensitive skin, then you're likely to feel the effects, such as in the armpits, collars, sleeves, waist, and thighs.

Furthermore, urea-formaldehyde also has a very strong odor that will linger on the fabric until the clothes are washed. Usually, in addition to reducing wrinkles, these chemicals are also used to prevent the formation of mold on clothes that have to be shipped long distances.

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