Some 'secrets' that you should keep to yourself or don't need to be told to many others


Being open to other people can indeed be fun and reduce the burden. But it seems we need to limit certain things, so as not to oversharing, even to close friends.

Besides that, so that it doesn't backfire for yourself in the future. So, are you curious about what you shouldn't need to share with other people? Check out the full details below, come on!

Desire and Future Life Plan

Quoted from the Life Falcon page, what do you want, maybe you shouldn't share it with other people.

The reason is most likely, things that you think are cool and extraordinary can become taboo and not really for other people, so chances are you only get ridicule instead of support.

For example, at the age of 24, you plan to continue your master's studies, but your friends think it's strange because at that age you should already have a family and take care of children.

But again, you know the best around you! Maybe you get support too, right? Now the most important thing is that you can filter anything that you need to share or vice versa.


Still quoted from the same page, you shouldn't need to tell how much you earn in detail. It is also known to be one of the habits of successful people you know!

Because money can affect your 'relationship' with other people. Besides that, it can also make you uncomfortable when you know that your income may be lower than your peers, or as if you could be considered a 'soft' back for other people, such as knowing that your income is bigger.

Family and Love Problems

Family issues are actually one of the most sensitive issues. Indeed, every family must have its own conflicts. Because there is a possibility that your family's story will spread and of course make your family uncomfortable.

Apart from that, it's also a matter of love. That's because romantic relationships have their own dynamics, so while you and your partner may have forgiven each other, chances are that your listeners are still holding grudges or wondering about your decision to stay in the relationship.

In the end, what you need to understand is that you don't 'ow' your life updates to other people. But there are times when you really can't help it yourself.. If this is the case, try asking for views or input from people you trust the most or are professionals in their fields such as psychologists or psychiatrists.

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