So that you are not too nervous, this is the preparation for a college scholarship interview for you prospective students

 When you are in the process of applying for a college scholarship, it is not uncommon to have an interview stage to go through. College scholarship interviews are usually conducted by the campus or university because they want to find out more about the background and qualifications of prospective scholarship recipients.

Do not be careless when doing it, you need careful preparation so that the scholarship interview can run smoothly and the results are in line with expectations. So that you don't get too nervous while doing it, let's look at a series of scholarship interview preparations for you prospective students!

Targeted University Research

The first step that can help you during an interview is to do research first about the campus or university you are going to. This method can make you more acquainted with the prospective campus as well as help in answering various questions during the interview later.

Reporting from detikEdu, doing research before the interview also shows that you are enthusiastic about continuing your education at the intended campus, so it can be expected to be a plus. You can find out about the vision, mission, advantages, characteristics, and achievements that have been achieved by the campus.

Dress Neatly and Politely

No less important than research, you also have to make preparations about the clothes to wear on the day of the interview. Even though it seems trivial, clothes are one of the assessments of the campus' first impression on you, you know. Therefore, it is important to prepare the best clothes to wear on the day of the interview.

It doesn't have to be luxurious, you are instead advised to wear comfortable clothes and make sure you look polite. Neat and polite clothes are expected to give a good first impression in the eyes of the interviewer.

Familiarize yourself with practice

Are there any of you who are often nervous or don't feel confident before the day of the interview? Do not worry, this condition is normal and can be experienced by anyone. To overcome it the best way that can be done is to practice as well as possible.

According to Indeed, practicing with other people can help you deal with unexpected situations during an interview later. Try asking family, relatives, or close friends for help to ask questions about the scholarship or college you are going to.

Then try to answer it as best you can. Not only about questions and answers, you can also practice gestures and facial expressions by practicing in front of a mirror.

Keep Calm and Speak Clearly

Next, during the interview try to remain calm and speak clearly. You can create this condition through regular practice as previously described. In addition, to be calmer when facing the interview, before starting make sure you give the best smile.

Greet the interviewer in a friendly manner and focus on the future. When going to answer a question, try to respond briefly but clearly. Don't forget to sit up straight and be confident.

Try Doing the STAR Method

Some of the ways above are expected to help you when you are preparing for an interview to be able to receive a campus scholarship. But there is a method called STAR that you can try, you know. Still quoted from Indeed, STAR itself is an acronym that can help you prepare the best answer when asked by an interviewer.

The letter S comes from 'situation' which means a certain situation or event, T or 'task' which means your task or role when the situation occurs, A or 'action' which means what steps you take to resolve the situation, while R or 'result' means the impact of the action you take.

The STAR formula can be applied by preparing answers based on real examples. It is hoped that the answers you provide are more interesting for the interviewer to consider.

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