Self Healing by Writing a Daily Journal, But Often Running Out of Ideas? Try Some of These Simple Topics!

 It is no stranger that journaling can have a positive impact on our mental health. Because of this, many people use this activity as an alternative to self-healing, especially during a pandemic that requires us to stay at home and feel lonely. So we can't travel freely for recreation and relax for a while from work.

In addition to having a good impact, writing this journal can also be done by anyone because it does not require special skills. But what often becomes a problem is that we always feel confused about what to write in this journal. Many people are confused when they want to write a daily journal because they are not very good at telling stories or maybe because there are really no memorable events.

So, so that stress levels don't increase due to confusion about how to start writing this journal, try to include one of the following simple topics in your daily journal.

1. Experience and Lessons

Everyone must have a memorable experience in his life, be it with friends or family. So, so that those beautiful moments can still be stored well, you can write the story in your daily journal.

You can tell what was memorable on that day. And in addition, you can slip in a little bit about what you can take from the day to serve as a lesson.

2. Gratitude

Writing gratitude in a daily journal seems to have been done by many people. Even though it's simple, it has a huge impact on your daily life. Just by writing down what you are grateful for today, you can be more enthusiastic about the following days, you know!

3. Dreams and Targets

In life, everyone must have dreams and targets to be achieved. But there are times when we still feel confused and doubtful about our dreams. Either because the direction is not clear or because we are confused about what to do and where to start.

Well, instead of constantly struggling with your own thoughts, try to write down your dreams and targets in your daily journal. By writing them in a journal, you will find it easier to remember your dreams and set strategies to achieve those dreams.

4. Plans and Missions

Continuation of the contents of the journal about dreams and targets, you can continue by writing your plans and missions. It could be a short or long term plan, as long as it aims at the dreams you want to achieve!

5. Brain Dump

Have you ever felt like you have a lot of thoughts and your brain feels full? If so, try to pour all the contents in your head into your daily journal. By moving one by one the contents of your head into the book, it will be easier for you to filter out what is important and what is not important to think about.

6. Feelings

Every day, we must have different feelings and moods. There are times when you are sad, angry, upset or disappointed. Apart from telling other people, one of the best ways to express your feelings is to write them in your daily journal. Just write down everything you feel at that moment regardless of the neatness and plot of the story. In addition to calming, this method can also help you manage emotions, you know.

Although these topics sound simple and are often forgotten, if you regularly write them in a journal, you can more easily release stress, you know. You don't need to be too concerned about sloppy writing and messy storylines. Because basically you write a journal for yourself. Which topic have you never written about?

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