Rows of the Most Unique and Magnificent Fireworks Festivals in the World, Which Will You Go To?

The fireworks festival is synonymous with a magnificent and extraordinary celebration. For example, commemorating the national day, cultural day to the new year. In enlivening the event, fireworks are used as the highlight of the event because of its charming beauty and is eagerly awaited by many people.

Many fireworks festivals are held in a sparkly and creative way that many people are amazed who see it. Well, this row of countries is famous for its amazing fireworks festival and it's a shame to miss if you visit the country. Come on, find out!

Diwali - India

From mid-October to mid-November, people in India celebrate Diwali or the Festival of Lights. The fireworks display is the highlight and most awaited by the Indian people. Because, some of the most stunning and magnificent fireworks displays can be enjoyed during the event.

If you are planning to see spectacular fireworks in India, you can visit Varanasi to see the best fireworks display with an extraordinary spiritual experience. In this city, festivals and spirituality go hand in hand with its Diwali celebrations. Religious chants and recitals take place against a backdrop of lanterns and fireworks, creating an interesting show.

Spring Festival - China

Often known as the Lunar Festival or Chinese New Year, the Spring Festival is not only the largest fireworks display in China, but also the grandest and most exciting festival of the year. Every city and village in China is known to have its own kind of celebration for the Lunar New Year.

The city of Beijing is highly recommended if you want to see a lively fireworks festival. The city has the largest and most diverse Spring Festival with fireworks displays and a large festival venue spanning the entire city.

Independence Day - Singapore

Every year on 9 August, Singapore celebrates its independence with the National Day holiday. Without a doubt, the fireworks celebration in Singapore is the highlight of the most awaited holiday and one of the most impressive fireworks displays in the world. Local and foreign fireworks celebration teams put on different shows over several nights, making it one of the longest annual fireworks displays in the world!

Australia Day - Australia

On January 26, Australia celebrates its independence day. The day is also a national holiday and is celebrated on Sydney's Darling Harbor with a truly lavish and mesmerizing fireworks display. At the same time, a boat parade was also held, adding to the excitement of this monumental event.

New Year in Different Countries

Almost every country in the world celebrates New Year's Eve with fireworks. But if you want to experience an extraordinary party with a magnificent sky show, you can consider the following countries:

Rio de Janeiro: Copacabana Beach in Rio hosts the biggest New Year's celebrations in the world. The Reveillon fireworks display on the beach is known to be simply stunning.

Sydney: Sydney has a fireworks display involving more than 30 thousand fireworks effects.

London: London celebrates New Years around the River Thames, but the centerpiece is on the London Eye for the gorgeous colors of the fireworks.

You can see fireworks at any time of the year, but visiting a country for the reason of its fireworks festival makes the experience feel special. So, which country are you interested in visiting?

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