Restless Because You Can't Get A Job? These 5 Things Can Help You Be Free of Career Troubles in 2022


Are any of you confused about your career because you haven't been able to get a job until the end of 2021? This condition often makes you worry and despair, so you hope to get it early next year.

If you are experiencing this, there are a number of things that can help you to be free from the confusion of looking for work. Curious about how you can make peace with the situation when you don't reach your goal while applying for a job?

Read through the following article, yes!

Always Remember If You Are Not Alone

The first thing you can try from now on is to remember that you are not alone. The condition of not getting a job and the amount of pressure around can sometimes make you stressed and uncomfortable. But keep in mind again, if the condition is not something to be ashamed of.

Being in a position that does not have a job, can be experienced by anyone. Not only you, but many other people out there who have experienced or are currently experiencing it. Try to learn not to blame yourself too much. The best way to deal with it is to do the best according to your version.

Learn to Manage Expectations

Furthermore, when you are intensively submitting a job application, you often hope that you can get it as soon as possible. But the reality sometimes doesn't match reality. The job recruitment process, especially during a pandemic like now, often takes a long time.

Therefore, it is important for you to start learning to manage expectations about the conditions you are currently experiencing. Reporting from Vice, in order to reduce stress that might occur, one way that can be done is to manage the existing finances as well as possible and live the best thing that can be done right now.

Try Looking for Other Career Alternatives

For those of you who have previous work experience and are currently still having trouble finding a new job, this method might help. Still quoted from the same page, Arthur C. Brooks as a scientist and Harvard professor revealed that the best careers are not the ones that feel fun or meaningful.

The best jobs are actually 'interesting' and make you want to be consistently involved to do it continuously. Therefore, it never hurts to try to send a job application in another career field that still fits your abilities and potential.

Start Planning Ahead

Conditions of stress and despair due to the pressure of not getting a job, often can make a person feel uninspired to do activities. Instead of doing that, you should do the opposite. Even though you have difficulty finding a job, always trying your best is one way so you can get it right away.

You can start by planning what to do in the future. Especially at the beginning of 2022, it will be the best moment for you to be able to do many things.

Quoted from the Very Well Mind page, when plan A in the career search process fails, you still have the option of plan B. And so on. In addition, you can also add new skills by taking online classes or webinars to fill your spare time during the job search.

Talk to People Near You

You can also make peace with the situation during the job search period by meeting with the closest people to share complaints and grievances with each other. When you feel difficult and have a lot of worries, chatting with trusted people is one solution to reduce stress to get peace.

This moment can also help you to see things from another perspective. They can often provide alternative solutions to make you feel better. At the same time, it is hoped that you too can have hope from the conditions that are being experienced.

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