Rejecting a Friend Request It's OK! Do these 4 ways so you don't feel rude...


His name is social life, of course we need the help of others in some ways, yes,. There are times when we ask for help, there are times when other people also ask for help.

Of course this is a very natural thing to happen. You don't always have to agree. If you really can't help, it's not a problem. But unfortunately, guilt and discomfort when refusing a friend's request for help are often felt.

So, so as not to offend and seem rude, here's how to refuse a friend's request for help. Come on!

1. Say Sorry First

When you can't help others, whether it's a close friend or partner, the first thing to say is sorry. Express your sincere apologies to him. Alternatively, you can say this to him:

"Thank you very much for trusting me to help you, but I apologize if I can't help you at this time,"

2. Explain the reason why you can't help him

After apologizing, remember to always explain why you couldn't help him. With this explanation, it is possible that he will be able to understand or understand what your reasons and conditions are for not being able to help him.

3. Try Offering Other Solutions

When he asks you for help, it means he believes that you are the one who can really help him. Therefore, when you really can't help him, try offering other solutions that you feel can help him.

Whether it's finding it with your other friends who you feel can help, providing a solution, or you just help him half way. By not leaving him immediately when he asks for this help, it will make you look as an adult who is also responsible when someone is in urgency who asks for help.

4. Be honest!

Any rejection will be very good if accompanied by honest expressions. If you can't, just tell the truth. Give a clear reason and apologize.

This way he will respect you more, rather than pretending to help him out of anger or lying to make excuses to not help him. Everything is easy, the most important thing is communication and honesty.

Those are 4 ways to refuse a friend's request for help so it doesn't sound rude. If you can't, there's nothing wrong with rejecting it, as long as there's a clear reason!

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