Recognizing Audiism, Discriminatory Attitudes and Perceptions of People with Deafness


Audism is a form of discriminatory treatment for someone who thinks that people who can hear are superior to people who are deaf. Launching from Very Well Mind, audism is a term used to describe negative attitudes towards people who are deaf or cannot hear.

The perpetrators of audism discrimination are referred to as audits. The term audism was first coined by Tom Humphries in his doctoral dissertation in 1977.

Audism Behavioral Forms

 There are several forms of behavior known as audism, including:

Forcing deaf people to speak

Reluctant to use sign language even though he has sign language skills

Assuming deaf people can't get along and adapt in a community

Underestimating the Deaf because they are weak with verbal language

Assuming the deaf are unable to reach the level of hearing people's lives, such as education, finance, and communication

Underestimating Deaf because you can't go to college like people in general

Sign language makes people lazy to talk

So, those were some examples of audism's attitude that should not be done to a deaf friend. Let's stop auditioning!

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