Recognize 5 Signs of "Red Flag" in a Love Relationship, Be Alert and Better Decide Immediately!


Cases of violence in romantic relationships that lead to the loss of a person's life are rife. When you first start dating someone, you will always feel happy. But soon he began to show his true nature and this became one of the danger signs or often called the 'Red Flag' in the relationship.

Quoting the Very Well Mind page, the term red flag is used as a stop signal or sign because it is too dangerous to continue. Red flags are also often used in romantic relationships which must always be watched out for.

According to dr. Wendy Walsh, PhD, a clinical psychologist who specializes in relationships, says that a red flag is defined when a person is unable to have a healthy relationship and isn't emotionally well. Therefore, we must know the signs of the following red flags.

There is Violence

If your partner is violent towards you, your loved ones, strangers, even pets, then you should end the relationship immediately. Violence can show that he hasn't developed healthy ways to channel his emotions properly. In some cases it can also be an indication that he lacks empathy for others.

Ever Cheated

As we know that in a relationship there is a need for mutual trust, but if your partner ignores that feeling, especially in a previous relationship, you have to be careful.

For some people maybe the love story that has been done by the he will not interfere because it is just a thing of the past. But for those of you who are disturbed because he has cheated on you, then know that these factors will affect your ability to fully trust your partner.

Often Lies

Frequent lying or dishonesty is not a good sign in a relationship. If you often notice that he consistently lies or catches what he says is inappropriate, then that is a sign of a red flag.

Reporting from Insider, being lied to repeatedly can make it difficult for you to build trust in a relationship and be a sign that the other person is someone you can't keep.

Lack of communication

If your partner suddenly becomes passive-aggressive, often blames, or expresses his emotions in an aggressive way, it could be a sign that the communication is not effective. Communication is the foundation of a relationship, so if you and your partner can't communicate openly and healthily, problems can occur in the future.

“A healthy relationship provides a safe place for both parties to talk openly about their emotions without fear of judgment and criticism,” says Quintero, a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Those are some signs of red flags in a romantic relationship that you should watch out for. If you see a red flag, it's better to end it immediately, because if you continue the relationship, it will have a bad impact on mental and physical health.

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