Rarely Realized, These 5 Things That Are Considered Trivial Can Make You Lose The He, You Know! Anything?

 Being in a relationship is not always easy. Regardless of how hard you try to get him, there is another challenge that is no less severe, namely maintaining. Many people make trivial mistakes that end up having a big impact on the relationship.

Worse, these things are often done unconsciously on an ongoing basis and are considered trivial. You never understand that this behavior can be a ticking time bomb that threatens the relationship. Therefore, before it's too late, let's know the trivial things that can make you lose him!

1. Don't Want To Listen To The End

When the heart is sad, pouring out your heart to your partner may be a relief. The problem is, many people want to be heard but are unable to listen. Try asking yourself, have you taken enough time and patience to listen? If not, you should start self-introspection.

If you can't be a good listener to him, then he will be reluctant to reveal all problems to you. In the end he will choose to share all problems and concerns with other people, who may not be competent enough to provide solutions.

Therefore, so that he feels comfortable and believes in you, listen to his words until the end. If you still want to be by his side, then no matter how angry you are, never say things like, "there's nothing more to explain". Remember that everyone has their own problem, point of view, character, and inner struggle. You'll never understand if you don't try to listen.

2. Caring Too Much About What People Say

Another trivial thing that really destroys relationships is when you listen to other people more than your partner. Generally this happens when you are too concerned with images, people's feelings, people's views, and others. Thus, you tend to force yourself and your partner to change according to their standards.

In addition, this can also happen when one of the parties does not feel comfortable and trusts their partner. As a result, he will choose to pour out his heart to someone else. Therefore, before a bigger problem arises, listen to your partner. Don't let him or yourself trust other people more than their own soul mate.

3. Forgot to Say Sorry and Thank You

Although trivial, the two sentences above have a big impact on the relationship. Saying sorry and thank you will make him feel appreciated so he will also give you more respect and appreciation. You also need to apply this not only in love relationships, but also in friendships, colleagues, and family.

4. Comparing with Others

As previously mentioned, everyone has their own problem, point of view, character, and inner struggle. No one is the same, and no one likes to be compared to other people.

Therefore, when trying to remind your partner of his mistakes, never use other people as a reference. Even if he doesn't live up to your expectations right now, you may never know how much he's trying to make you happy.

5. Don't Ask For News

Just a question, "what are you doing?" can make a big impact. He may be going through a tough day and need a partner's support. By asking how he's doing, maybe you can help him get back on his feet because he feels valued and considered there. Therefore, never ignore communication!

Those are 5 things you need to avoid so that your relationship with your partner does not easily falter. If you have been doing the forbidden things above, immediately correct yourself. Don't let the trivial things above ruin your happiness with your partner, OK!

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