Rainy Season Makes Moisture Everywhere, Prevent Mold at Home with These 4 Tips!

 The rainy season and cold weather increase the humidity of the air. This condition can bring something we don't want in the house, besides the cold that attacks, namely black mold in some places.

Black mold isn't just an eyesore. More than that, black fungus or stachybotrys chartarum can interfere with health. Thus, black mold is not a good idea to be left alone.

Quoted from The Spruce, usually this type of fungus is found in areas inside homes that have been exposed to excessive amounts of water and humidity for long periods of time. This fungus can even grow in hidden places, you know.

As a prevention effort, you can take several preventive steps so that your home is free from this black fungus, such as controlling the level of humidity in the air at home. Here are some other prevention methods compiled from The Spruce.

Fix Leak

Leaks are very likely to occur in a house construction. This can be very easily detected during the rainy season. If a leak occurs in your home, fix it immediately, because even a small leak can cause wood, drywall, grout, and other porous surfaces to become places for mold to grow.

Keep Every Surface Dry

After using umbrellas, coats, towels, or anything else that has a wet surface, don't leave it in one place for long. Dry immediately before storing. Black mold only takes two days to start growing and leave a musty smell. This also applies to cleaning tools such as mops, yes.

Increase Ventilation at Home

Air ventilation alone is sometimes not enough to keep the air humidity in the house. You also need exhaust fans or circulation fans in the kitchen and bathroom to remove steam and speed up drying.

The addition of this fan really helps reduce high humidity. Also, open doors and windows when the weather is dry and windy.

Don't Use Humidifier

Adult humidifiers are now one of the devices used by many people. As the name implies, this tool is a humidifier. However, you also need to know when to use this tool. If the air shows high humidity, you should not use a humidifier.

Instead, use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air. Be sure to take good care of this dehumidifier by emptying the water reservoir after use.

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