Personality Type in Facing and Solving Problems at Work, Which Are You?


Everyone has a different way of dealing with and solving problems, especially in the workplace. Well, the way that is done is usually in accordance with his personality.

Reporting from Psychology Today, there are five personality types when facing and solving problems at work. Curious about anything? Check out the answer below!


The first personality type is diplomat. People who have this personality usually like to compromise. However, they put themselves first and then others.

In the workplace, people who have a diplomat personality type can be relied on to find solutions that are beneficial to all parties.

Personality type in dealing with problems at work

The Sage

Next there is the sage personality type. When faced with a problem, someone who has the sage personality type will usually look for a solution that does not harm either party. This type of the sage is very easy to work with.

In addition, the sage type is also not too long to silence a problem. They will always try to be flexible and find the best solution.

Personality type in dealing with problems at work


Philanthropists are fun and docile personality types. Usually people who have this personality type are very peaceful and often say "yes" so that problems can be resolved quickly.

When angry at work, people with philanthropic personalities are very easy to persuade. In fact, they are also willing to do anything, including sacrificing their own needs to satisfy others. Unfortunately, people who have this type of personality are often taken advantage of by others.


The ostrich is an animal that runs fast and easily panics. Well, for people who are easily panicked, stressed, and always want to run away from problems, especially at work, including the ostrich personality type.

Personality type in dealing with problems at work

If they are stuck and are unavoidable, someone with an ostrich personality will either delay solving it or let the problem go away on its own.

The warrior

Last but not least, the warrior. This last personality type will do everything in its power to solve problems in the workplace well. Usually they will not prioritize other people's conditions or feelings.

For someone with the personality of a warrior, they think of problems as a competition to be won. No wonder they can be intimidating to others. When things don't go their way, they tend to be disappointed and angry.

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