Peek at Someone's Personality Through His Favorite Drink, Come On! Coffee lovers are very serious people

Talking about personality types is endless; this is always interesting to dig deeper. A person's personality or character can be known in various ways, starting from the zodiac, birthday, to the things that become his favorite. One of my favorite drinks.

From popular drinks like coffee to refreshing smoothies, let's take a peek at a person's personality through their favorite drink!


For you tea lovers, life is about harmony, harmony, and good relationships with friends or family. They also like simple things and don't like any kind of drama.

As reported by Bright Side, according to a survey conducted by OnePoll in the United States, someone who is extroverted and ambivert tends to prefer tea over coffee. This is because the caffeine content in tea can help them in their work and become more creative in coming up with new ideas.


This concentrated drink is a favorite and mainstay of many people. In fact, not a few have difficulty starting activities in the morning if they haven't had a cup of coffee. Are you one of them?

Coffee lovers are usually people who are serious about their lives and their environment. Not only that, they also enjoy and appreciate quality time with those closest to them.

On weekends, they tend to spend time lazing around, either by sleeping all day or just watching their favorite series. They also prefer to relax first before doing activities or routines.

But according to a study, coffee lovers tend to have a risk-taking nature. Not infrequently, they enjoy activities such as extreme sports to gain new experiences.

Milkshakes or Smoothies

The taste is sweet, refreshing, and can make the mood cheerful again may be the reason why someone makes milkshakes or smoothies their favorite drink.

Well, if you are a milkshake or smoothie lover, you are someone who appreciates and enjoys the little things in life. In addition, you are also not afraid to be a unique and different person. You are also always careful to think twice before making a decision.


At first glance, people might think that those who always order water when eating are the type of people who are boring. It's not true though, you know!

As we know, water is a refreshing drink and has a myriad of health benefits. Then, how is the personality of mineral water lovers?

They are communicative people and love to socialize. When socializing, they can be very wise. They really know when to keep thoughts or opinions to themselves and when to share them.

Of the drinks above, is there your favorite?

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