Oops! These are 3 things about you that other people will always remember when they first met, Teeth is one of them!


Along with the development of technology, social interaction can be done by anyone, both near and far. In this case, the internet plays an important role for the continuity of human interaction, both for work, friendship, romance, and even education.

However, online interactions can open up opportunities for closer relationships offline. Since the past decade, many online dating applications and social networks have sprung up that bring together people from all over the world for real.

Author and biological anthropologist Helen Fisher told Your Tango that matchmaking has changed a lot in the last ten years. According to him, now we can date and get married via the internet. However, whatever it is, when it comes to meeting, there will always be a first impression between you and other people.


That said, the first meeting always makes someone to give judgment to others. Quoted from Your Tango, there are three things that other people will remember for the rest of their life when they meet someone. Anything?


The appearance of your teeth can tell a lot about you, from your age to your health. According to Fisher, dental identity can indicate our age and gender, and dental valves specifically indicate psychological, lifestyle, and personality traits.

Examples are when you smoke, drink too much coffee, or are in a bad mental state. It can be reflected in your teeth and others will judge you from it.


Just like teeth, according to Fisher, grammar or grammar will say a lot about your sociological and educational background. For this, you don't need to meet someone in the real world, you can judge by typing chat via short messages or instant messages. It's as simple as they know how to use the word "in" separated and combined.


Fisher explains that self-confidence can tell a lot about a person's emotional stability, because how we feel about ourselves can affect our relationships with other people.

So, if we don't feel confident enough in ourselves, we don't have the positive emotional energy to focus on other people. "The brain is very well built to try and gauge someone right away," Fisher says.

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