Often Ignored, These 5 Habits That Are Considered Trivial Make It Hard For You to Save!


Are you one of those who still find it difficult to save? If yes then you should immediately find out the cause. By knowing the cause, you can develop the right strategy to find the best solution.

This is necessary because basically saving is needed in financial management because it can be used as a source of fulfilling needs if at any time it is needed under certain conditions. For this reason, here are some reasons why it is difficult for you to save.

Not Routinely Checking Balance

The first cause that can make it difficult for you to save is not checking your balance regularly. In today's era, the use of digital accounts or wallets is commonplace to find. However, not all have the habit of checking their balances regularly.

Although it sounds simple, it needs to be done you know. This is done to track every expense that has been made through the account or digital wallet.

By knowing the updated balance, you are better able to control spending through your account or digital wallet.

To quote a financial planner, it is also important to keep records of financial income and expenses. Although it sounds inconvenient, in fact it can help in controlling expenses.

Easily Tempted to Buy Items

The well-known term that is often used for this habit is hungry eyes or crazy aka forgetting yourself. For example, if you just got paid, you go to the mall or supermarket to provide your monthly needs. But at the same time you see certain items that were not previously included in the shopping list.

Because you are already tempted and can't control yourself, you finally buy the item. This then has an impact on the financial planning that has been made previously. As a result, the money that was allocated for saving may be used up to buy these items.

Too Confident in Spending Money

This can also make it difficult for you to save. Especially if you have a non-permanent job, aka a freelancer. As is known, a freelancer has a salary that is not fixed.

Therefore, when you get an income that is somewhat higher than usual, it doesn't mean it's the right time to spend money. Keep in mind the principle to always save and keep yourself in control as best as possible not to spend money on things that are not needed.

Not Having a Good Savings Plan

Saving also needs to be planned as well as possible so that the process can be carried out consistently. If not, this is what makes it difficult for you to save. This planning can be started from the intention and make the goal of saving.

Emphasize to yourself that saving should become a routine. Instead, get rid of the notion that saving can be done when there is money left. That way, you will feel more obliged to have savings every month or when you get money from your source of income.

Not Conditioning Expenditure

It is possible, there will be times when you are in difficult financial conditions. Either because the business is not running smoothly or there are financial problems where you work. If you can't condition your finances, then this can have an impact on difficulty saving.

For that, it is necessary to think things through well and prepare from the start. Do a tracker of each expense and as much as possible see the list of expenses one by one. If there is something that can be trimmed, then use the funds for savings.

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