Note! This is a list of beautiful dates in 2022, suitable for those who intend to hold proposals and weddings


The year will soon change with a new page, namely 2022. Do you have plans for this new year to hold a 'big' event?

Not a few couples who choose a beautiful date aka a date with a combination of numbers that are almost the same for it.

Well, here's a list of beautiful dates in 2022, who knows you might want to hold a certain important event.


Saturday, 1-1-2022

Sunday, 2-1-2022

Tuesday, 11-1-2022

Wednesday, 12-1-2022

Friday, 21-1-2022

Saturday, 22-1-2022


Tuesday, 2-2-2022

Saturday, 12-2-2022

Sunday, 20-2-2022

Monday, 21-2-2022

Tuesday, 22-2-2022


Saturday, 1-10-2022

Sunday, 2-10-2022

Monday, 10-10-2022

Thursday, 20-10-2022

Saturday, 22-10-2022


Tuesday, 1-11-2022

Thursday, 10-11-2022

Friday, 11-11-2022

Sunday, 11-20-2022

Monday, 11-21-2022

Tuesday, 22-11-2022


Thursday, 1-12-2022

Friday, 2-12-2022

Sunday, 11-12-2022

Monday, 12-12-2022

Wednesday, 12-21-2022

Thursday, 22-12-2022

Well, congratulations on determining the most beautiful date in your opinion, huh!

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