Not only skincare, these 5 foods should also be avoided to keep skin clean and glowing


Who doesn't want to have clean and glowing facial skin? To get it is certainly not always easy, we have to do various treatments such as taking care of facial skin with skincare, going to a beauty clinic, even to a dermatologist.

Actually, to take care of the skin is not only taking care of the outside, we must also take care of the body by avoiding foods that can affect facial health.

Well, here are 5 foods that you should avoid if you want to have facial skin that looks clean and glowing.

Fried Food

For those of you who love fried foods, it seems that you have to be extra patient to avoid this taboo, because quoting from Insider, any fried food will have a bad impact on the skin. According to Rhonda Klein, MD/MPH, fried foods can cause excess oil production in the skin, hydrogenated trans fats will also have a negative impact.

Therefore, if you want your face to be clean and glowing, you have to reduce the consumption of any food cooked by frying, yes.


Foods that should also be avoided so that the skin remains healthy is spaghetti. A leading dermatologist in New York named Bobby Buka, MD said that spaghetti is one of the foods with a high glycemic index and makes it difficult for the immune system to attack acne-causing bacteria.

In spaghetti dishes, cheese and butter are often added, but if you still want to eat spaghetti, you should not add these two components. But still, the glycemic content can cause things that are not desirable.

Sweet Food

Foods with a sweet taste should be avoided. Dr. Debra Jaliman, a Mew York City board-certified physician, explains that it's important to avoid sugary foods like donuts, pastries, and high-glycemic foods. Sugar glycates collagen and that can make it stiff and age prematurely.

But if you occasionally want to eat sweet foods that are delicious and don't affect your health then try not to add a lot of sugar.


Who can not resist the temptation of food sprinkled with cheese? Although it has a unique and delicious taste, cheese made from cow's milk can be a trigger for skin problems such as acne.

Citing the Parenting Firstcry page, cheese is naturally infused with hormones from lactating cows, so it can cause hormonal acne. Especially for those of you who have acne-prone or acne-prone skin, and have a history of lactose allergy.


According to experts, chips are one of the snacks that are considered unhealthy, because a bag of these foods contains carbohydrates and oils that are quite high. not only affects physical health or cholesterol-related problems but also to the skin.

Chips made from refined carbohydrates turn into sugar in the body, and this causes a spike in insulin levels. According to experts, more insulin means having a greater risk of acne.

Those are some foods that you should avoid if you want to have facial skin that is always clean and looks glowing. In addition, you must be diligent in exercising and improving your lifestyle to be healthier.

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