Not Just Traveling, Here Are 5 Fun Activities at Home to Fill Vacation Time with Family

The shadow of a long vacation outside the home seems to have faded again considering the fluctuating pandemic conditions.

However, that doesn't mean that vacation activities are missed just because you can't travel. You can still fill vacation time that is no less memorable even if you only spend it at home.

What are some fun activities you and your family can do? Come on, see the article below!

Have a Picnic at Home

Take advantage of the large area in the yard as a safer picnic area. First, discuss the food menu that you want to serve while preparing supporting equipment, such as sitting mats or carpets and other knick-knacks to make them more beautiful.

If you want to be more lively, you can prepare a simple game so that picnic activities feel even more exciting even if you are only at home.

Movie Marathon

Missing the cinema atmosphere but still hesitant to leave the house in the middle of a pandemic? Don't be sad, you can still feel the sensation of watching movies that are more exciting even if only at home.

Give a warm atmosphere by arranging pillows, blankets and lights in the family room. Also prepare snacks such as popcorn that can be complemented with sweet drinks.

You can also make a simple viewing ticket by writing the name of the movie you want to enjoy. That way, you and your family will still have the complete cinema experience.

Playing games

If you want a more productive activity, try making a games event by making your family as a participant. There are various games such as puzzles, puzzles or card games that are fun to play.

You and your family can also create a new game according to your wishes and the availability of equipment at home. Don't forget to prepare a gift as a surprise for the winner at the end of the event. Besides being fun, this activity can build solidarity and a closer bond with the family.

Trying New Recipes

Vacations will not be complete, a sign of a delicious food menu as a meal for family members. So that you don't get bored, try cooking a new menu that you feel is in accordance with your family's favorite taste.

Even if it's only with close family, you can still feel a complete vacation by utilizing technology as a connector with other relatives who are hindered by distance. Open up a warm conversation to enjoy a pleasant holiday night.

Redecorating a Room at Home

Even though it sounds tiring, redecorating a room can give a fresher impression and feel at home to linger in it. Decide in advance which room you want to rearrange while preparing a budget and supporting knick-knacks.

Adjust the room and the objects in it with the color tone that you like. To be more efficient, you can buy multifunctional products so they don't take up a lot of space. That way, the dust and dirt that originally accumulated can be lifted and the room becomes more comfortable to live in.

Have you decided which activities you want to do with your family?

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