Not Just a Resolution, Here Are 4 Ways To Train Consistently On Change


Building better opportunities in the new year can start by focusing on resolutions. However, resolutions can be in vain if they are not followed consistently. Because consistency will help you seize even better opportunities.

Quoted from Very Well Mind, there are four steps you can practice to learn to be consistent with resolutions. Make the months ahead more productive in the following way, come on!

Focus On One Change

There's nothing wrong with making a list of resolutions, but for those of you who are starting to learn to consistently choose one focus, that's enough. By setting a goal, it will be easier for you to understand what priorities need to be placed.

Slowly you will build confidence in yourself about the process that is being pursued. Slowly but surely, starting from simple things really helps create consistency within yourself.

Challenge Yourself

One of the conditions when making change is conquering challenges. There is nothing easy from a process, you must dare to challenge yourself so that resolutions can be resolved properly this year.

Avoid being lulled by "there is still tomorrow". There's nothing to delay when you can do it today. Slowly turn resolutions into routines. This way you will know when to get out of the things that are holding you back.

Looking for Support

There's nothing wrong with telling family or close friends when you're trying to make a change. Exchanging thoughts with those who support you will help create positive energy to spark optimism within yourself.

You can also get support from other people who have similar resolutions. The same goals that you want to achieve can make you friends in arms by supporting each other and facing challenges for success.

Self Appreciation

Set goals that you want to achieve and insert appreciation afterward. A gift for yourself can trigger you to be more enthusiastic in the process of realizing planning, you know.

Appreciating yourself after trying hard doesn't make you wasteful, really. Understand the limits to which you have to give appreciation. Getting time to love yourself can also increase your optimism.

Making changes needs to be balanced with consistency in implementing them. You can do the four ways above to grow consistency so that your resolution doesn't just disappear.

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