Not Just Mentally, These 3 Things Are Important To Be Prepared As A Prospective Mother

 Becoming a mother for the first time for most women is a very exciting thing. Many things will happen to your body, from hormones that go up and down erratically, to preparing for the arrival of your baby, which can be highly anticipated but will be stressful.

It's not an easy thing to do, it takes a struggle to become a mother. Especially for the first time, you may feel confused, depressed, and stressed when carrying out several roles at once, namely as a mother, a wife, and a career woman if you work.

Being a mother isn't easy because it's so new, no matter how much you prepare, you won't be fully prepared for everything. Even so, in addition to mental preparation, there are things that need to be prepared as a prospective mother so that you can know how to be a good mother.

1. Take Care and Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is one of the most important preparations to become a mother, especially to build positive habits and ensure the best health for you and your developing baby. Set a healthy lifestyle such as a balanced and nutritious diet, regular light exercise, and adequate rest.

Manage stress so it doesn't affect your baby's development. In addition, you also have to prepare yourself mentally for childbirth and become a new mother after welcoming the birth of the baby.

2. Strengthening Relationships with Partners

Being a parent involves two people, namely mother and father. When you become a mother, you also need the support and involvement of a partner as a father who will look after and care for the baby until it grows up.

The role of parents in helping children grow and develop is not limited to guiding and ensuring that their nutritional needs are met. Your relationship with your partner has an effect on your child's development, because the family environment plays a major role in influencing the physical and emotional development of children.

3. Childbirth Education

In addition to some of the important things above, as a prospective new mother, you also need to mentally prepare for childbirth. One way that can be done to increase self-confidence and reduce fear during childbirth is to participate in childbirth education.

Childbirth Education (CBE) is a program that can be followed by pregnant women and their partners to prepare themselves as well as possible before giving birth. For some women, giving birth is a scary moment. By participating in this CBE, it is hoped that you will be able to enjoy the period of pregnancy and childbirth comfortably, confidently and can feel the strength from within yourself.

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