Not Just Grilled Corn, Also Try These Various Foods for the New Year!


New Year's Eve is just around the corner, have you prepared what snacks to eat to look forward to this moment? So far, the New Year's food is the most identical to roasted corn. Even though there are other food menus that are no less delicious and suitable to be eaten on New Year's Eve, you know.

From grilled to instant noodles, this line of food is ready to accompany your New Year's Eve to make it even more special. In addition, there are various other menus that should not be missed. Check out the New Year's Eve menu options through this article, come on!

Boiled Beans & Sweet Potatoes

Want to eat food to accompany New Year's Eve, but don't want to be complicated? You can use this one boiled menu as a reference. Peanuts or boiled sweet potatoes can be chosen as a simple snack menu that can be eaten on New Year's Eve.

How to make it is very easy. You only need to provide raw beans and sweet potatoes, then boil or steam them in a saucepan. This stew is best eaten while it's still hot. Especially if you eat it with the closest people while chatting or watching a movie at home.

Chicken satay

If you usually eat chicken satay by buying it, try making it occasionally. This moment is best chosen when New Year's Eve arrives. Burning is synonymous with New Year's Eve party. Some people think it's not enough if New Year's Eve doesn't have this barbecue or fire party.

Well, chicken satay has also become a mainstay of the menu, which is indeed suitable to be chosen as a New Year's Eve meal. Especially when you want to spend time with the people closest to you. Make your new year's party even more memorable.


Do any of you always have a burning agenda on New Year's Eve? This moment is most suitable to be chosen when you want to spend time with the closest people on New Year's Eve. Not only grilled corn, you can also add other menus that are no less delicious.

Such as grilled chicken, grilled fish, grilled sausages, grilled meatballs, to other grilled menus that are best eaten while still hot. You can make a special chili sauce to add flavor when eating grilled.

Fried food

No less delicious than the previous food, fried foods are also the best choice to accompany your New Year's Eve, you know. You can eat various types of fried foods such as tempeh, tofu, bakwan, mendoan, bananas, and fried sweet potatoes while waiting for the turn of the new year to arrive.

This one food is also more delicious when eaten with family, friends, or the closest person. While chatting together, this one snack makes your New Year's Eve even more special.

Instant noodles

Who among you can't resist the distinctive aroma of instant noodles? When you inhale the aroma, you want to eat it too, yes. As one of the favorite foods for many people, instant noodles are also suitable for accompanying you on New Year's Eve.

Be it boiled or fried noodles, both are suitable for eating on New Year's Eve. Don't forget to add vegetable toppings or chili slices for those of you who are spicy lovers, so that it tastes even more delicious!

Corn Popcorn

Not only grilled corn, there are other corn preparations that are also suitable to be chosen to accompany New Year's Eve moments. Yep, popcorn. This light snack is not only suitable for eating when going to the cinema. But you can eat it while waiting for the turn of the year later.

There are many choices of ready-to-eat popcorn that you can get at snack shops or buy them online. In addition, there is nothing wrong with trying to make your own at home, you know. Make sure you buy special corn for popcorn.

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