Not Just Forced Sexual Activities, These 4 Behaviors Are Included in Dating Violence, We Must Be Alert!


Violence in dating is one type of violence that is still vulnerable to experience by many people, especially women. This behavior includes various acts of violence both committed by the boyfriend, physically, sexually, emotionally, economically, as well as verbally.

The Love is Respect page says that in a year, nearly 1.5 million high school students in the United States experience physical violence from their partners. Where 1 in 3 girls are victims of physical, emotional and verbal abuse from their partners.

This figure is certainly worrying. For that, we must take care of ourselves to avoid acts of violence when dating. One effort that can be done is to identify behaviors that are included in violence.

Here are some behaviors you should watch out for:

1. An Overly Possessive Attitude

Feeling jealous is certainly a natural thing when dating. But when this jealousy gets too much so that your partner becomes very possessive of you, then you have to watch out for this, yes.

This possessive attitude makes partners tend to control us, both activities, circle of friends, to the way we dress. Forcing us to tell social media passwords is also a form of violent behavior in dating.

2. Doing Verbal Violence

Violence that is done verbally may often be underestimated because it is not physically visible. Even though this violence can have a huge impact on the victim's emotions, you know.

Reporting from Very Well Mind, victims of verbal abuse often question themselves, feel stupid, feel worthless, and end up depressed.

Some types of verbal abuse that we should be aware of are gaslighting, threats, degrading or insulting words, harsh words, and refusing to pay attention.

3. Hitting or Physically Hurting

When your partner has played a hand, then this is a clear sign that he has abused you. Hurting you physically, either by hitting, kicking, or throwing things at you is certainly not an act that you deserve.

Even though he later regrets and apologizes to you, you must be careful and you should rethink your relationship. Because this act of violence is very likely to be repeated at another time.

4. Forced Sexual Activity

Consent to sexual activity or sexual consent is an important thing that we must be aware of. If your partner forces you to hug, kiss, or force other sexual activities, then this action is considered violence and you should be aware of it, yes.

Any sexual activity carried out must obtain the consent of both parties. For that, never hesitate to refuse if you really don't want it.

Well, that's some violent behavior in dating that we must be aware of. By realizing this, we can prevent or take firm action if we accept these behaviors. Don't just be silent! Let's raise our voice!

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