No need to spend deeply, these 8 Indonesian tourist attractions make you feel like you're abroad!

 It's no secret that the nature of Indonesia saves a million amazing panoramas like a fairy tale. However, some people are more interested in traveling abroad than exploring their own country just for the sake of pampering the eyes and taking pictures. In fact, Indonesia also has a number of tourist attractions that make you feel like you are abroad, you know, Beauties!

What tourist attractions in Indonesia are similar to various destinations abroad? Come on, take a peek!

Jodipan Colorful Village - Malang

Jodipan Colorful Village will remind you a lot of Gamcheon Culture Village in the city of Busan, South Korea. The reason is, this village has also turned slums into colorful quirky villages. You can explore this village to find various interesting photo spots. Very cheap!

Maron River - Pacitan

Have a dream down the Amazon River but afraid to meet wild animals? Go to Pacitan!

For only Rp. 2 thousand, you can find a clear blue river surrounded by dense trees on either side. Here, you can walk along the river with a motorboat, swim in the river as much as you want, or take pictures while playing a swing on the blue waters of the river without fear of meeting an Anaconda.

Dieng Color Lake - Wonosobo

For only Rp. 21 thousand, you can feel the feel of a lake similar to Pitvice Lakes, Croatia. This lake can change color depending on the refraction of sunlight to the sulfur content in it.

Well, you come to visit during the dry season. The reason is, the rainy season will create fog that blocks the refraction of light so that the lake will not change color. For that, come while the sun is still hot. Don't let you come all the way and miss the main uniqueness, OK!

Ciwidey White Crater - Bandung

In Bandung Regency, you can find a white crater replica of Lake Rotorua, New Zealand which was formed from the eruption of Mount Patuha. The very high acid content in it causes the surface to have a greenish white color. Prepare Rp25,000 and go to White Crater Ciwidey early in the morning so you can take pictures with the crater background and a beautiful sunrise.

Pulo Cinta - Gorontalo

Rows of mini inns that stand in the middle of the clear sea of ​​Gorontalo make Pulo Cinta called the Maldives of Indonesia. So clear the sea water in Pulo Cinta, you can see the coral reefs from above clearly.

You can cross and enjoy all the facilities of this mid-ocean island. When else can you go to “Maldives” with low cost?

Kelimutu Lake - Flores

Lake Kelimutu consists of three lakes with different colors so it is often referred to as the Three-Colored Lake. The best time to visit Kelimutu Lake is in the morning and evening.

At these two times, you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset beautifully behind the hills. For only Rp. 5 thousand, you will feel the sensation of vacationing in Viti Crater, Iceland.

Shark Tooth Beach - Lampung

Not as scary as its name, this beach does not have sharks, really. This name is used because of the towering and pointed rocks that resemble shark teeth.

Not a few think that this beach located in Lampung is a replica of Zhangjiajie National Park in China which is also unique with its pointed cliffs. It doesn't have to be expensive, with Rp. 10 thousand you can enjoy its charm when the morning and evening sun penetrates the crevices of the reef.

Kaolin Lake - Belitung

Kaolin Lake is a lake formed from an abandoned Kaolin mining site. The former excavation is then filled with water and combined with kaolin so that the water turns blue.

When the water recedes, the land is clean and reminds you of the Pamukkale baths in Turkey. This tourist spot is not charged an entrance ticket, you know. You can enjoy the beauty of nature and bathe in clear water to your heart's content for free!

Those are 8 Indonesian tourist attractions that are similar to popular tours abroad. So, which place do you want to visit first?

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