New Year, New Me! These are the 3 Most Popular New Year's Resolutions, There's Lose Weight

 I can't believe we are already at the end of 2021 and the new year is coming soon. One of the typical activities done to welcome the new year is writing resolutions. Are you one of them?

Resolution can be interpreted as a plan that you want to do in order to improve yourself even better in the future. Usually, people write resolutions with the aim of making a commitment to themselves in achieving their goals in life. By writing resolutions, a person will also feel more motivated to achieve these goals.

New Year's resolutions can vary, ranging from financial aspects, work, health, to love. However, there are usually some things that are often used as New Year's resolutions. About anything? Come on, see below!

Sports Diligent

According to YouGov America and Statista, exercising regularly was the most popular New Year's resolution in 2020. About 50 percent of respondents to a survey conducted by Statista admitted that they want to improve their physical fitness, and one way to do that is by exercising.

It is not surprising that diligently exercising has become one of the popular resolutions, especially when the world is being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Health is now the focus of many people. As we know, exercise provides a myriad of health benefits, both physically and mentally.

If you intend to make exercising diligently as one of the new year's resolutions, make sure you do careful planning and choose the type of exercise that you like and according to your needs. This is to avoid resolutions that are just wishful thinking.

Lose weight

In second place, according to a Statista survey, losing weight is a fairly popular New Year's resolution. Referring to the term "New Year, New Me" it is not surprising that people want to show a new side in the new year. One form is to lose weight.

Losing weight can be done in various ways, such as diet, exercise, and adopting a healthy lifestyle. All three are important components that cannot be separated if you want to get rid of fat accumulated in the body.

If losing weight is one of your resolutions, set realistic short and long-term goals. Most people fail to realize this one resolution because they do not have clear and unrealistic goals.


Around 44 percent of respondents to a survey conducted by Statista said that they wanted to save more money in 2020. It seems that not a few people may feel that their savings have been drained due to the year-end holidays. So, saving and reducing spending is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions.

There are many tips that you can apply if you want to save more next year, but some of the important ones are making a budget, committing to save every month, and keeping track of all expenses. You can also start considering learning about investing or starting a business to increase your income, so you can save more money.

New Year's resolutions are actually quite important if you want to be more focused in reaching your goals. However, what is no less important after making New Year's resolutions is keeping them. Make resolutions with realistic targets that you can carry out with full commitment.

What's your new year's resolution, huh?

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