Must Avoid! These are 5 foods that make your sleep a mess and have no quality


Quality sleep is definitely a dream for many people. Unfortunately, there are various triggers that make it difficult for us to get a regular sleep pattern.

In addition to excessive use of cellphone screens and stress, food factors can also be the cause, you know! Yup, what you eat can also affect the quality of your sleep. So, what are the foods that have the potential to make your sleep messy and of poor quality?

Come on, find out the answer here!

Spicy food

In addition to coffee, it turns out that the habit of eating spicy food also makes it difficult for you to sleep at night, you know. It's tempting, but this dish will make your stomach feel hot, thus disturbing your sleep.

Another factor, spicy food in general will also increase your appetite so that you will unconsciously consume too much of your stomach capacity. In the end, this will trigger discomfort and disrupt sleep. Therefore, avoid these foods at night, yes!


Fried chicken is the food that we often encounter everywhere. This dish is popular because it tastes delicious paired with any food. But did you know that chicken contains counterproductive protein?

Chicken dishes can slow digestion if eaten at night. Your body, which should focus on resting, is busy digesting the food. So, don't be surprised if you find it difficult to sleep after eating chicken for dinner.

Dark Chocolate

Not only high calories are contained in chocolate, but also caffeine. As you know, caffeine makes the body more energetic, so that you are on and ready to do activities.

The problem is, if it is consumed at night, then you will also experience sleep disturbances. Another side effect, this intake also makes the heart rate increase which will make it difficult to sleep.


This Italian food is a favorite of many people. If you are one of them, from now on stop eating pizza before bed, OK!

These high-calorie foods can be a problem, especially with various toppings, some of which can also disrupt your sleep. In addition, tomato sauce is also at risk of making you sick to your stomach in the middle of the night!

Sweet Cereal

Sweet cereals will disturb your sleep. Your sleep hormone production will be hampered because this sweet cereal is digested directly by the body. To overcome this, you can choose cereals with low sugar content but high fiber, such as cornflakes.

Now you know, right, what are the foods that make sleep messy? From now on, avoid these rows of foods so that your sleep is of better quality, yes! Remember, getting a good night's sleep will make you much more productive the next day!

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