Mother's Day is coming soon, Celebrate the Moment with These 6 Simple But Meaningful Things!


Mother is one of the best and most influential figures in a child's life. She selflessly cared for, taught and nurtured her child from the time she was in the womb. For mothers, nothing is more meaningful than the happiness of children and their families.

For that, it is fitting for a child to appreciate the sacrifice of a mother. This December, December 22 is celebrated as Mother's Day. You can use this moment to express your gratitude and love for your mother.

You don't have to overdo it, the important thing is that it's effective. Let's take a look at some simple ideas to celebrate Mother's Day moments that can be done at home!

Help Cleaning the House

Every day, my mother worked hard from morning to night to clean the house. No exception for mothers who also have a career and have to work. This is done so that his family still feels comfortable when they are at home.

Mother's Day moments can be the best time to take over the role of the mother for a full day. Let your mom do 'me time' with her favorite things while you do the housework.

Don't forget to invite other family members to make the atmosphere even more exciting. Believe me, your mother must be very happy to see the solidarity of her children in order to help her clean the house.

Giving Favorite Flower Bouquet


For a long time, flower bouquets have been used as a medium to express love and affection for someone. If your mother is a flower lover, then don't miss this opportunity!

Give him a bouquet of his favorite flowers and slip a piece of paper containing your gratitude for all his struggles so far. Your mother will certainly feel touched because her sacrifice has been appreciated by the child.

Buying the Gifts You Need

Try, deh, you pay attention to your mother's movements, is there something or something that is being needed? For example, your mother likes to bake cakes, but maybe the oven is outdated. So buying a new oven can be the most appropriate choice to support this hobby.

Likewise, if your mother is an office worker, a gift of shoes or a bag that she can wear to the office is a good idea that you can choose. For that, don't forget to prepare your budget too, Beauties!

Make Your Own Cake

Who doesn't like this sweet snack? While mom is watching her favorite television broadcast, don't forget to add a snack in the form of your own cake. The moment of being together with you and your mother is guaranteed to be even sweeter.

Cooking Competition Holmes

Do you and your mother both love to cook? Wow, this could be the perfect moment for you to spend time with mom in the kitchen!

You can modify food recipes that have never been tried before with your own ideas. It will be even more exciting if this activity is used as a battle between you and your mother, whose recipe is the most delicious, then he is the winner. Guaranteed the excitement during this cooking battle will always be remembered forever.

Family Dinner

After being satisfied with doing activities with mom all day, it doesn't feel right if it's not closed with dinner together. Ask your dad to come home from work early so he can join the dinner.

While eating, you can ask your mother and father anything, including their happy experiences in youth that you and your siblings may never have told you. It is guaranteed that this happy moment will always leave an imprint, not only in your mother's heart but also certainly in the hearts of you and your other family members.

Even though Mother's Day is still a few days away, you can start preparing everything from now on, you know, Beauties. Arrange activities that you can do with your mother to celebrate this moment. In addition, as much as possible, keep taking your time to accompany your mother outside of Mother's Day, so this is not just a mere formality.

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