Men Like Cheating and Depend Financially on Women Turns Out to Have a Low IQ!


Many women reveal that they are victims of cheating on their men. Indeed, it is possible that women can also be addicted to cheating.

Reporting from the Business Insider page, there is a study that says that men who like cheating tend to have low IQs, you know.

Not only that, but also men whose lives are financially dependent on women are more likely to have an affair! On the other hand, intelligent men are judged to be more self-aware.

Research conducted from the London School of Economics and Political Science also adds that men who have a higher IQ tend to value monogamy as well as sexual exclusivity.

Interestingly, this does not apply to women. Because the level of intelligence does not affect how likely they will have an affair.

Why Cheating?

Cheating can be very painful for the party who feels wronged. Heartache, disappointment, experiencing a crisis of trust, and experiencing disturbances in daily activities are normal things to experience.

The reasons why someone can cheat can also vary, which is actually not justifiable after all, especially if you are married.

Characteristics of Cheating Couples

So what about your partner? Have you been a victim or have you been a perpetrator in the past?

There are several characteristics of a cheating partner as a form of caution. Quoting the Marriage page, he will not stay at home for long, besides being cold even though you rarely spend quality time together.

In addition, he will appear busy with his cellphone and easily irritated with you. He suddenly wants to be independent, aka usually accompanied by you.

Therefore, be alert and take decisive action immediately if you find yourself a victim of an affair!

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