Little-Known Facts Behind Mother's Day Celebrations, One Of Which Started As A Form Of A Peace Agenda!


Mother's Day is a special moment to appreciate the services of a mother. Celebrated every year, Mother's Day is a celebration celebrated by people all over the world.

This celebration is often enlivened by a series of holdings of unique traditions. Starting from giving gifts, giving flowers, to giving a day off for mothers.

But who would have thought, behind the excitement of Mother's Day, there are historical facts that not many people know. Anything?

Celebrating Mother's Day, Here Are Mother's Day Facts You Should Know

Did you know the facts about Mother's Day? Let's see the full information below!

1. Not to Remember Mother, Initially Mother's Day Was a Peace Agenda

Who would have thought, in fact the history of Mother's Day which was first initiated by Anna Jarvis is not only to appreciate the mother figure but as a form of a peace agenda.

Although it has no direct meaning, Mother's Day is a commemoration as well as a peace activity where many mothers and wives have lost their husbands and families on the battlefield. Over time, Anna Jarvis developed Mother's Day as a day to appreciate and remember a mother.

2. Celebrated Worldwide But Times Are Different

Many do not know that Mother's Day is celebrated by people all over the world but at different times. Some European and American countries celebrate Mother's Day in May, while African countries celebrate Mother's Day in October.

Uniquely, although it is celebrated at different times, Mother's Day is simultaneously celebrated solemnly and lively.

3. Each Country Has Its Own Celebration Traditions

Although it is celebrated at different times, the fact is that every country celebrates it with various traditions.

As in America, Mother's Day is celebrated with the tradition of giving gifts and flowers. In Thailand, this celebration is celebrated lively with candles and fireworks. Meanwhile, children in Mexico give gifts in the form of singing their mother's favorite songs.

Those are some Mother's Day facts that not many people know. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!

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