Limited Budget for End of Year Gift Exchange? These are 5 Adorable Gift Ideas for Friends


Gift exchange is one of the most awaited moments by many people, especially towards the end of the year. Apart from being with family, exchanging gifts is also a place to have fun with friends because there are usually certain rules for buying gifts.

If you and your friends have a limited budget, gift recommendations, you know! Besides being cheap, the adorable items below are handmade products from local brands.

Curious? Take a peek, come on!

Scented Candles

During the pandemic, daily activities are often carried out from home. Well, it never hurts to give a gift in the form of scented candles.

If your friend is the type of person who likes floral scents, try choosing one of the variants from their spring collection. There are 3 different variants that you can choose from, namely Sakura, Violeta, and Azure.

Handmade Soap

Handmade soap made from natural ingredients, non SLS, non paraben, non preservatives, vegan, and animal cruelty free. Not only serves as soap, this product can also be used as a bathroom decoration because of its aesthetic shape.

Choose the Tenerife Sea variant if your friend likes the color blue and the scent of flowers. This soap has a soothing cherry blossom scent.

Resin Key Chain

Handicrafts made of resin are indeed suitable as gifts, one of which is a key chain. You can custom letters, flowers, and chains for the hangers. You can adjust the initials and preferences of your friends.

Clay Tray

Have you seen the daily vlogs of Koreans or Europeans? Curious about the container they use to put accessories or perfume because of its cute shape? Well, the container is called a clay tray.

As the name implies, the product is made of clay that is shaped according to individual tastes. Usually what often appears in the daily vlog is a clay tray with a marble motif.

You can also customize it with the design you want. This is really suitable as a gift for friends who like unique items with adorable motifs.

Resin Pop Socket

Cell phones are mandatory items that must be carried when traveling, because important things can be accessed easily through cellphones. One more recommendation for gifts from resin, namely pop sockets. Because it is made of resin, it can give the phone a luxurious and classy effect. The price is also affordable.

So, which gift to choose for your friend? Don't forget to check the local brand's account on Instagram, OK!

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