Latest: Bank Deposit Interest is Only 2%, This is an Investment That Can Be Chosen because the Potential for Profit is Greater

 Investment is a way to develop the value of the assets we already have. Saving money in the form of deposits in the bank you may have done.

Now deposit interest is below 3%. A number of banks have also put interest on time deposits at the level of 2%.

The benchmark interest rate from the central bank is also low at 3.5%. Did you know that this is the lowest benchmark interest in history?

Because the deposit interest is only that much, maybe right now you're thinking where else to put your money, and if you can, you can give a bigger loan... Check the answer below, come on!

Retail Bonds or Sukuk

There is another alternative investment instrument, namely bonds or state retail sukuk, which have low risk.

The reason is because the interest rates are higher than bank deposits. And in terms of security, it is relatively safe because it is the government itself that issues debt securities.

Bonds themselves are medium-term or long-term debt securities that can be traded. This is quoted from the OJK's Attitude to Your Money page. The way it works is almost similar to bank deposits, so you deposit some of your money, then you get interest (coupons) for a certain period of time.


Another investment alternative is gold. Even though gold was low in early 2021, it was still promising in the long term and could be a good hedging tool.

Mutual Fund

Next up are money market mutual funds. This investment is also suitable for novice investors and is considered to be minimal risk. In addition, it also relatively does not require large capital as well as a flexible investment period.

Digital Bank

Currently, digital banks are also quite attractive in terms of deposit rates, because they are higher than conventional banks. But before depositing your money, pay attention too because the high interest sometimes doesn't match the guarantee interest.

As a result, if there is a risk of bank liquidation, it cannot be helped to return the savings funds.

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