Job Seekers Must Know! These are the 3 Important Soft Skills Most Needed in 2022


We can't believe that we have entered the end of 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, creating new challenges that we might never have imagined before.

This includes the world of work. The changes that occurred due to the pandemic inevitably forced the company to rearrange its strategy so that it could survive in the midst of intense competition, one of which was in looking for employee candidates.

Looking at the year 2022 which is still full of question marks, there are soft skills or skills from employees that are very important and are so targeted by companies. You as a worker or job seeker must know in order to compete. What are the soft skills? Come on, find out!


Since the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world, almost all aspects of life have had to change, and business is no exception. Since the pandemic hit, businesses have been forced to adapt in a variety of ways, from employees working remotely to restaurants forced to modify spaces in order to implement physical distancing.

Due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, everyone is now required to be able to adapt to the changes that exist. So it's not surprising that companies are looking for candidates who have high adaptability and flexibility. Adapting means being able to deal with sudden changes, both in terms of the workplace, workload, and even the nature of work.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence is a person's ability to accept, manage, and control emotions, both for oneself and for others around. Since 2020, this skill has become one of the important soft skills that employees must master.

A person is said to have emotional intelligence if he has these five elements, namely self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy, and social skills. So, why is emotional intelligence important in the world of work?

According to Very Well Mind, nearly 75 percent of hiring managers say they value employees' emotional intelligence more than their IQ. This is because emotional intelligence is recognized as a valuable soft skill that can improve communication, problem solving, and relationship skills in the workplace.

Furthermore, emotional intelligence is also thought to play a role in how employees manage stress and conflicts that arise in the workplace. Seeing the conditions in 2022 which are still full of uncertainty due to the pandemic, this skill is expected to be able to help employees in dealing with unexpected situations that can occur.

Effective Communication

Most of the time, the COVID-19 pandemic forces almost everyone to only be connected online. It is undeniable that communicating online, especially for workers, presents its own challenges.

The importance of having the ability to communicate effectively is also one of the soft skills that companies are looking for. This is because many companies still want to continue implementing work from home or remote working.

Companies will really appreciate this ability because being able to communicate effectively will also indirectly hone employees in critical thinking.

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