It's not just employees, it turns out that students can also experience burnout! Don't be underestimated


A phenomenon called burnout is always synonymous with the world of work, yes, Beauties. This term is usually used by many people to express 'tiredness' that exceeds the threshold for their work. But it turns out that burnout is not only felt by workers, you know.

Students also seem to be able to experience it too. This condition is closely related to the duties and obligations that must be fulfilled by students. So what is the burnout phenomenon in students like and how to overcome it? Check out the answer through this article, come on!

Getting to Know the Burnout Phenomenon

Before knowing the phenomenon of burnout among students, let's first get acquainted with this popular term. Launching from Healthline, the term burnout was coined by a person named Herbert Freudenberger around the 70s, Beauties. This term is closely related to severe stressful conditions that can trigger physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion to a severe stage.

This fatigue can even make it difficult for a person to cope and can hinder daily activities. Even people who experience it can be pessimistic and desperate to start every activity in their lives. Burnout conditions can not go away by itself, there are various ways that one must take to be able to overcome it, Beauties.

Characteristics of Burnout in Students

For those of you who currently still hold the status of a student, have you ever felt tired but never ending? Be careful, you could be experiencing burnout. This condition can be exacerbated when you are too productive in the excessive stage and are not able to do time management well.

Then how to recognize burnout conditions in students? Reporting from the Directorate General of Higher Education, the first characteristics that can be recognized are when the body feels tired, has headaches, and has difficulty sleeping for a long time. In addition, other characteristics when experiencing mental fatigue, easily anxious to frustrated.

For a student who experiences burnout, he can also feel less than optimal in his academic abilities and lose confidence to carry out activities. Those who experience burnout also often lose concentration and motivation.

How to Overcome Burnout Experienced by Students

If any of you have experienced or are currently experiencing burnout, don't worry. There are a number of ways that can be done to help you relieve the effects of burnout. Still reported by the Directorate General of Higher Education, the first way you can do is to rest your body and mind for a while so that it can help you relax more in carrying out your activities later.

Next, set a good diet, fulfill your water intake, and exercise enough so that your body stays in shape, Beauties. In addition, learning to be good at time management is needed to help you complete assignments and academic obligations on and off campus during lectures.

It doesn't stop there, the habit of procrastinating work must also be eliminated, you know. Don't forget to give yourself the opportunity to socialize with the closest people or the environment, so you don't get bored and refresh your mind.

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