It's hard to understand other people, a sign that you lack empathy, let's do these 3 simple ways to deal with it!

 Although it sounds easy to do, the fact is that many people don't realize that they still lack empathy for others. Empathy is the emotional ability to understand what other people feel and experience. In fact, with high empathy and caring, this can have a good impact on all aspects of life.

It could also be said that all places today need this ability of empathy, including the work environment. This is important so that every employee can embrace each other and support employee performance. So the company can also maximize its resources.

Now, after knowing the many benefits of empathy, let's find out how we can cultivate this sense of empathy!

1. Make New Friends

Empathy is related to the ability to communicate and listen. Therefore, to increase empathy, you can expand your friendship.

From these new friends, you will hear many new stories from different points of view. By hearing and seeing new things, you can slowly begin to understand the differences in understanding and conditions in each person.

2. Participate in Social Activities

If you only carry out daily activities that only involve yourself, then you will find it difficult to develop a sense of empathy. Try occasionally to participate in social activities that can allow you to meet new experiences from other people's lives.

For example, such as volunteering for natural disasters and other volunteers. From this activity, you will see firsthand the difficulties experienced by others and then slowly your sympathy and empathy will grow by itself.

3. Learn to Understand Yourself

Before you can understand others, you must first understand yourself. What causes you to prefer to think this way and why you sometimes find it difficult to understand the conditions of other people who are different from yours.

When you learn to understand yourself, you will understand that there are some people whose feelings and stories cannot be compared to ours. That way, you will not easily judge their lives.

Those are 3 simple ways to cultivate empathy and care for others. Come on, live one by one consistently!

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