It Won't Be Lonely, Here Are 5 Fun Ways To Enjoy Christmas Eve With Big Family Virtually


The Covid-19 pandemic, which has not yet ended, has forced us to celebrate special moments with family at home, including the upcoming Christmas celebrations. Christmas celebrations that are celebrated virtually with extended family can be made even more festive, you know!

Here we've rounded up various ways to make Christmas Eve virtual celebrations more interesting and fun. Listen, come on!

1. Host a Christmas Themed Competition

The event can be inserted into a Christmas-themed competition to make it more festive, one example is the competition to make Christmas crafts with materials at home. These creations can be inspired by used materials that are no longer used at home.

For example, start making Christmas tree decorations, table decorations, Christmas hangers, and much more. Don't forget to choose the smartest member of your family to be the jury that determines the winner, OK!

2. Have a Christmas Dinner Together

Christmas dinner can also be held via Zoom, Facetime, or Google Meet. Also add a virtual Christmas background, and choose the right Christmas outfit to make the Christmas atmosphere even more pronounced.

You can determine the recipe that one family wants to make in advance and share it first, so that your family can prepare the same dish before the H. What Christmas dinner menu is on your mind?

3. Watch Christmas Movies Together

Christmas Eve event is not complete without watching a movie with the family. You can do this via Zoom by selecting the share screen feature on your laptop/computer.

Set a viewing schedule and movies to watch on Christmas Eve with your extended family. There are a number of popular Christmas movies on Netflix, for example: Holidate, Last Christmas, A California Christmas, The Knight Before Christmas and others.

4. Play Online Games With Family

After watching, the next Christmas Eve program can be filled by playing online games with the family. There are quite a number of virtual games that can be played online, one of which is Monopoly or Uno which can be downloaded via your smartphone.

In addition, a quiz game that has often been popular since the pandemic is Kahoot. This virtual quiz game also allows you to choose your favorite quiz category, so it's not given randomly.

5. Listening to Christmas Music Together

The atmosphere of your Christmas Eve event can be enhanced by listening to music together. Creating a playlist consisting of an array of Christmas carols is now easier than ever with online streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.

You can create playlists that can be set to public, so you can invite your family members to contribute their favorite Christmas carols.

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