It turns out that there are birds that represent every month of birth and describe your personality, what are they?


Did you know that the month of birth is not only used to find out the zodiac in the world of astrology? Yup! A person's birth month can also be the basis for knowing a person's personality, you know.

Even the month of birth is also represented by various objects such as stones, flowers, colors, to animals. One of the animals that is the symbol of each month of birth is a bird. Each bird that represents the twelve months of the year can also describe a person's personality at the same time! Here's the explanation.

January: Owl

People born in January have the image of a wise and conscientious owl. Their wisdom is based on their thirst for knowledge. They also don't like to talk too much about weightless topics.

February: Parrot

Those born in February have a parrot-like personality that is creative and good at impressing others. However, they don't like being the center of attention.

March: Robin

The robin's strong determination to survive makes this type of bird apt to represent the personality of people born in March. Those born in March have unwavering principles and the ability to overcome all kinds of problems.

April: Canaries

People born in April are known to have a great sense of humor. They like to joke and spread happiness to those around them.

May: Nightingale

Like the nightingale, people born in May bring happiness to those around them. Their positive and friendly energy can make anyone inspired and optimistic.

June: Pigeons

In accordance with the dove which symbolizes peace, people born in June are also always ready to mediate in all situations. This is due to their ability to lead and their composure.

July: Eagle

The eagle, which represents people born in July, represents their confident personality. They are good listeners and give the impression that they can be trusted.

August: Big King

The kingfisher sounds "friendly" thanks to its chirping that is similar to the sound of people laughing. Likewise, people born in August are easy to get along with strangers.

September: Hawk-eagle

People born in September are known to be brave and not arrogant. They are honest and sincere, giving the impression of being reliable.

October: Goose

People born in October are the best problem solvers. They can even provide solutions to even the most complex problems. Do you feel this from October born people?

November: Rooster

People born in November will not betray their family, friends and loved ones. They are one of the best types of friends who will accompany you in good and bad times.

December: Crow

Puzzles and mysteries have always been a favorite for people born in December. They are curious and always eager to try new experiences.

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