Instagram Releases Playback Feature, Here's How to View and Share the Most Popular Stories Throughout 2021


Welcoming the turn of the year, Instagram has just released its newest feature, namely Instagram Playback. In this feature, you can see the most popular stories uploaded throughout 2021.

There are 10 Playback Stories that can be edited, deleted, added, and shared by users. Just released starting Thursday (9/12), this one feature will be available for the next few weeks.

In addition, this one feature is also predicted to be one of the popular features to close the year 2021. This is because many users will want to flashback and share some of their best moments throughout 2021.

How to View and Share Instagram Playback 2021

Open the Instagram application on your personal smartphone. On the homepage, you will be immediately greeted by the 'View your 2021 Playback' banner in the middle between Stories and Feeds.

Tap the 'View Playback' or 'View Flashback' button, and you will be presented with 10 Playback stories that have been automatically selected by Instagram.

Then you can add or remove certain stories before they are finally shared.

If the Stories Playback is to your liking, then you can press the 'Share' button. Stories Playback will also appear on your Instagram Stories as usual.

So what if you don't find the 2021 Playback banner on Instagram? So to overcome this, there are two ways that can be done.

First, you can directly click on the 2021 sticker in the corner of the Stories that has been shared by other users.

Second, if it still can't be used, chances are you haven't updated the Instagram application on your smartphone.

This feature is actually similar to the Best-Nine feature that is often used at the end of every year. Where in this feature, we can share the nine best photo upload moments with the highest number of likes.

But because it's not practical, you have to enter an email first, with Instagram Playback you can directly share it via one tap 'View Playback'. How about you, interested in directly sharing the 10 best moments throughout 2021 with this feature?

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