Including Annoying Attitude, Here Are Tips To Avoid Humble Bragging aka Covert Showcases!


Have you ever heard the term 'disguised show off' before? In psychology, this phenomenon is called humble bragging. Usually the perpetrator will start his sentence with a complaint that seems to feel sorry for himself. However, the sentence will end with a compliment that aims to make others chuckle in awe of his achievements.

We often encounter this humble bragging phenomenon in our daily life. Come on, get to know more about humble bragging so we can avoid it!

Types of Humble Bragging

Quoted from several sources, the humble bragging phenomenon is categorized into three types based on the sentences uttered by the perpetrators:

Naive Humble Brag

Is a condition where someone will say plainly or clearly that makes it seem like he's showing off in a way that doesn't seem arrogant. An example of a sentence is "Wonderful, deh. I rarely exfoliate and rarely take care of my skin, but how come my face is smooth and there are no blackheads piled up, right?"

Self-deprecating humble brag

This type of humble brag is when someone makes a sarcastic sentence to vilify himself. An example of a sentence that shows this type of humble brag is, "A lot of people say I'm still like a school kid, even though I'm 25."

Humble to Skyrocket

As the name implies, this phenomenon occurs when a person tries to humble himself but ends up showing off his abilities. For example, "I usually get 100 on my test, even though yesterday I didn't study seriously, I just flipped through the books."

Worse Than Live Show

The proliferation of the humble bragging phenomenon in real or virtual life is currently considered by experts as a method of showing off that is worse than showing off which is done directly without starting with condescending sentences or vilifying the perpetrator.

Even in a journal entitled "Humblebragging: A Distinct and Ineffective Self Presentation Strategy" written by Ovul Sezer et al., they state that humble bragging as a way to promote oneself to others to make them look great is actually a strategy that will not be effective, you know!

This is because of the smell of falsehood that emanates from the perpetrator's sentence, so that instead of admiring, the listener will be sick of the image. If it continues, it is not impossible that they will leave the perpetrator and think that he just wants to get recognition or praise.

Tips to Avoid Humble Bragging

Surely we don't want to be labeled as people who like to be humble to skyrocket, right? Here are two simple tips that you can apply to avoid humble bragging.

1. Understand the concept of self-appreciated and differentiate it from showing off

After achieving certain achievements in life, it's not wrong if we want to appreciate ourselves, right? Unfortunately, this is often misunderstood by many people which ultimately results in him accidentally showing off his achievements.

Therefore, we must be able to distinguish whether what we are going to say or do is a form of appreciation or even tends to show off. The best self-appreciation is doing something that directly affects yourself and doesn't have to be shown to others.

2. Sharpen the ability to empathize

Before sharing pleasant experiences or proud achievements in front of friends, it would be wise if we also pay attention to whether this will make him sad or not. In this way, we can more easily adjust the context of the conversation so as not to offend him.

So that's what he is about the humble bragging phenomenon. Hopefully we can be wiser in speaking and acting so that we don't become one of the annoying humble braggers!

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