Help Lose Weight, These are 5 Healthy Habits of South Korean Women You Can Imitate!


A study shows that South Korean women born in 2030 are projected to have an average life expectancy of over 90 years. The researchers revealed that South Korean women can live a long life based on the assumption that they will have an average body mass index (IBM) and lower blood pressure than other citizens, quoted from the We Forum.

This shows that South Korean women have a healthy lifestyle that makes their bodies ideal and bright skin flushed. Not only referring to K-Pop idols or actresses who are required to look perfect, but on average, women in South Korea have an ideal body weight.

It is known that South Korean women have habits that are not only healthy, but also able to lose weight. About anything, huh? Summarized from various sources, let's find out the secret!

Eat lots of vegetables

It is no secret that the people of South Korea are very fond of vegetables. If you see eating scenes in Korean dramas or movies, various types of vegetables will fill the table.

One of the main secrets behind their slim and healthy bodies is to eat lots of vegetables. Vegetables are healthy, fibrous, and low-calorie foods that are very helpful in weight loss. In addition, the fiber in vegetables can make you feel full longer, thus avoiding overeating.

Eating Fermented Food

For those of you who love Korean food or culture, surely a fermented food called kimchi is familiar. In South Korea, kimchi can be said to be one of the staple foods and is always eaten with other foods.

Kimchi is a traditional Korean food in the form of fermented vegetables and spicy seasoning. The vegetable commonly used to make kimchi is cabbage, but radishes, cucumbers, and other vegetables can also be used as kimchi.

Kimchi is known to be good for improving digestive health and the immune system, making skin glow, and aiding weight loss. A study published in 2011 by Nutrition Research showed that obese patients were able to lose weight and body fat when consuming kimchi.

Avoid Fast Food

Another healthy habit shared by South Korean women is that they prefer to cook their own food at home and avoid fast food. Not only can you gain weight quickly, fast food is also known to be not good for health because it can trigger various chronic diseases.

If we look, most of the food in South Korea is really made from scratch and uses ingredients that are guaranteed nutrition and nutrition.

Eat a lot of seafood

The secret behind the ideal body, shiny skin and healthy body of South Korean women may be in this type of food. Yup, seafood or seafood is one of the menus that is often consumed. In addition to fatty fish which is good for health, seaweed is one of the foods in South Korea that should not be missed when eating food.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, seaweed also has lots of fiber which is good for digestion and helps to feel full longer. Not only created into various processed foods such as miyeokguk (seaweed soup), South Korean women also often make seaweed as a snack.

Often Walk

Most South Korean people really like walking. In fact, sometimes they prefer to walk instead of using private vehicles or public transportation. Besides being healthier, this is also due to avoid congestion.

Besides having a healthy diet, Korean women also have an active lifestyle, one of which is walking, which keeps their weight under control. Physical activity is very important not only to maintain a healthy body, but also to lose weight.

Those are some healthy habits that South Korean women have that can help you lose weight. Interested in trying?

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