Have to Take Care of Children Alone? Here are 4 Tips to Be a Strong Single Mom!


Being a mother is not an easy task. A mother is required to be able to divide time between social life, time with herself, as well as taking care of children. Usually, the work of raising children is done with the cooperation of the father and mother. However, what about single moms?

Being a single mom is required to be stronger and tougher in taking care of children. Although of course it is not easy because you have to carry out two roles at the same time, namely being a father and mother to your baby at the same time. So how do you become a strong single mom? Check out the following tips!

Create a Supportive Environment

As discussed earlier, being a single mom is not an easy thing. For that, it takes the participation of the surrounding environment such as family, friends, and neighbors.

There's no need to ask them to help with babysitting 24/7. But when they need help, a place to share their complaints, or when they want me time, they can provide assistance voluntarily.

Focus with Purpose

It is important for single moms to be able to set goals. Do you want to be financially independent, or have other goals related to children. When you are tired, a single mom can use these goals as motivation to be even more active at work. In addition, a single mom must also be able to think long term about her future and her children.

Ignore Negative Comments

Not infrequently as a single mom will hear a lot of negative comments from other people, especially those related to the past. As much as possible not to think too much about other people's opinions because it will only make the single mom dissolve in sadness.

If indeed the comment is positive then it can be accepted and contemplated to become a better person. However, if the comment is negative and dropping, you should ignore it or reprimand the person who has made the comment and set a limit so you don't interact too often.

Give Time to Yourself

Being a single mom may tend to neglect time to pay attention to yourself because you are busy working, taking care of children, and others. Take a deep breath, and tell the people you trust that you need some alone time.

Ask for help from family or relatives to take care of the children for a while so that single moms can calm their minds for a moment. This is important in order to be more productive and maintain mental health.

Being a single mom is not easy and not everyone can do it. Therefore, stop mourning the past and focus on creating a decent life for yourself and your children's future.

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